Students working on engineering project

UW-Platteville to host big data and AI workshop

Authored on: Mar 03, 2020, Written by: Ruth Wendlandt
The UW-Platteville Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering is partnering with OpenPOWER to present the Big Data and AI Workshop on Tuesday, April 7. Attendees will learn about the latest research and development on big data, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing.

UW-Platteville Baraboo students

Students research prairie plant genetic diversity

Authored on: Mar 03, 2020, Written by: John Christensen
Ongoing work, involving students, in analyzing, cataloging, and sharing the DNA profiles of native grasses and other plant life in preserves and open spaces around Sauk County will aid prairie restoration efforts in communities across Wisconsin and in other regions as well. That’s according to research currently performed by University of Wisconsin-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County students Emily Forbush and Brooke Martin, who together are working to understand what grasses and plants make up a thriving prairie in the rocky and all-season conditions found near the campus.

Pictured left to right are RevaLu Ronnfeldt, Frances Tempesta, Hannah Frank and Michael Schneider.

Chemistry students to present research at state, national levels

Authored on: Mar 03, 2020, Written by: Ruth Wendlandt
Four chemistry students are preparing to present their undergraduate research, learning biochemistry the write way: applying writing-to-learn in STEM, at three different events across the country, including Posters on the Hill in Washington, D.C.

articulation signing

UW-Platteville and Edgewood College Launch New Partnership

Authored on: Mar 03, 2020, Written by: Ed Taylor, Edgewood College
UW-Platteville and Edgewood College are pleased to announce the Engineering Dual Degree, that will allow students to complete two degrees simultaneously. Students will earn a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Physics from Edgewood College, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in either Electrical or Mechanical Engineering at UW-Platteville. The two institutions celebrated the agreement at a signing ceremony held today.


Students take first place and innovation award for cutting-edge technique at casting competition

Authored on: Mar 03, 2020, Written by: Alison Parkins
Students in the American Foundry Society Club at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville recently topped their previous successes in a regional casting competition by not only taking a first-place finish, but also earning the competition’s Imagination in Metalcasting Award – a first in the competition’s history.

Pictured left to right are Jonas Wagner and Logan Shefchik.

Students to present disaster response applications at Research in the Rotunda

Authored on: Mar 03, 2020, Written by: Ruth Wendlandt
Natural disasters are inevitable, but a group of students are researching how an application can assist with disaster response. Several students are collaborating with Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Dr. Mehdi Roopaei on their research topic, device analytics for disaster response applications.

Kayla golden

Golden’s research aims to advance transistor technology

Authored on: Mar 03, 2020, Written by: Alison Parkins
The race to create faster, smarter and smaller electronic devices has consumed the tech industry for decades, but is there a physical limit to just how small they can go? It is a question being explored in UW-Platteville's Material Fabrication and Nano Characterization Lab. Kayla Golden, a senior electrical engineering major, will present her research on nanoscale vacuum-channel field emission transistors at the annual UW System Research in the Rotunda event in Madison, Wisconsin.

Dr. Fang Yang

Pioneer Spotlight: Dr. Fang Yang

Authored on: Feb 02, 2020, Written by: Alison Parkins
As an associate professor of electrical engineering, Dr. Fang Yang specializes in power engineering – an interest she developed during a summer camp in middle school, where she had a chance to visit power plants. Now she teaches these concepts to a unique group of students on the UW Oshkosh Fox Cities campus through the UW-Platteville Engineering Partnership.

Chris Frayer

Frayer to receive Distinguished Teaching Award from the Wisconsin Section of the Mathematical Association of America

Authored on: Feb 02, 2020, Written by: Mathematical Association of America – Wisconsin Section
University of Wisconsin-Platteville Professor of Mathematics Dr. Chris Frayer will receive the 2020 Distinguished Teaching Award from the Wisconsin Section of the Mathematical Association of America.

Students researching in field with Dr. John Peterson

Students hope research brings awareness about emerging disease in snakes

Authored on: Feb 02, 2020, Written by: Alison Parkins
For the past several years, UW-Platteville students, led by Dr. John Peterson, associate professor of biology, have been researching an emerging snake fungal disease that threatens to disrupt the balance of ecosystems across the country, including in Wisconsin.


A thousand tiny things: Dr. Ilke Celik’s students save energy one choice at a time

Authored on: Feb 02, 2020, Written by: Jane Halpern

Anyone who has touched a light switch in the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Ottensman Hall recently may have noticed a small green placard near the plate urging people to turn the lights off when they leave the room. That placard is the work of Dr.

Brady Zink and Sam Horsnell

EMS students showcase their ‘Kiln Rats’ pottery in Nohr Gallery

Authored on: Feb 02, 2020, Written by: Ruth Wendlandt
Two students from the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science are using a creative outlet to enhance their education. Brady Zink and Sam Horsnell share a passion of science and ceramics, which has led their collection of pottery — titled Kiln Rats — to be showcased in the Harry and Laura Nohr Gallery until March 3.

David Murphy

Something That You Love Doing: The David Murphy and Virginia Bowar Scholarship

Authored on: Feb 02, 2020, Written by: Jane Halpern
When you ask Dave Murphy to describe the goals of the UW-Platteville scholarship that bears his name, the recently-retired president of MSA Professional Services is typically modest. “I really hope that I made it easier on the students’ parents, on the families who are supporting them,” he said. “And I hope it makes a difference to the students.”


Strand Associates’ impactful gift to support College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science students

Authored on: Feb 02, 2020, Written by: Alison Parkins
A longtime partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and Strand Associates was recently reaffirmed with a $200,000 commitment from the engineering firm, located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Doug Selent and student

Selent and students prepare for battle

Authored on: Feb 02, 2020, Written by: Jane Halpern
Somewhere, right now, on the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s idyllic rural campus, a battle is brewing. Dr. Doug Selent’s students are feverishly perfecting their programmed pets for Pokemon-style virtual combat, in a game tournament the software engineering assistant professor calls “Battle Pets.”

Boebel Hall renovations

Boebel Hall renovations set to begin

Authored on: Jan 01, 2020, Written by: Paul Erickson
The $23.7 million Boebel Hall renovations are set to begin in the upcoming weeks. The project will renovate existing laboratory and classroom space to become instructional laboratories, preparation and support space, research and undergraduate research space and a general assignment classroom while adding stunning new looks.

Research group photo

UW-Platteville faculty, students help defend the Great Lakes

Authored on: Jan 01, 2020, Written by: Alison Parkins
It is no secret that Wisconsin has great fishing opportunities, however, many are unaware of a threat posed to the state’s fishing industry by invasive fish, such as bighead carp and silver carp. Dr. Thomas Zolper, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at UW-Platteville, and his students, have spent the past several years collaborating with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to combat this threat.

Concrete Research

Withstand more, fail better: Dr. Robabeh Jazaei contends with concrete

Authored on: Jan 01, 2020, Written by: Jane Halpern
Dr. Robabeh Jazaei is an expert in the characterization and simulation of advanced materials subject to static and dynamic loadings; but more than that; she is an expert in a special type of failure. The lecturer in civil and environmental engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville has forged her career around the study of failure mechanism in all its forms: cracking, crumbling, and collapsing.

Joanne Wilson

Joanne Wilson leads the way in STEM

Authored on: Dec 12, 2019, Written by: Jane Halpern
This coming spring, Dr. Joanne Wilson will retire from her role as Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Characteristically, however, she will mark the occasion by holding the door open for a new group of women eager to make their way in STEM. The WiSTEM Scholars and Leadership program, a new initiative at the university, will welcome its pilot cohort of students in the fall of 2020. In honor of Wilson, the first cohort will be named the D. Joanne Wilson WiSTEM Scholarship and Leadership Cohort.

Holiday Toy Hack

Students give back with second annual Holiday Toy Hack

Authored on: Dec 12, 2019, Written by: Alison Parkins; Video by Easton Green
UW-Platteville students recently took part in the second annual Holiday Toy Hack. During the event, students from across campus joined together in Engineering Hall and made adaptations to toys so that they can be used by children with special needs.

Mesut Muslu

Pioneer Spotlight: Mesut Muslu

Authored on: Dec 12, 2019, Written by: Ruth Wendlandt
Dr. Mesut Muslu is a professor and interim chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UW-Platteville. He is also a professor of sustainability and renewable energy systems.

Signing agreement

UW-Platteville Engineering Partnerships expands opportunities

Authored on: Dec 12, 2019, Written by: Kristine Zaballos, UW-Whitewater
An agreement, signed on Thursday, Dec. 5, will offer UW-Platteville Bachelor of Science degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering to more students in the region through UW-Platteville Engineering Partnerships, and makes UW-Whitewater at Rock County an official UW-PEP Site.


An eye-opening experience: undergraduate research at UW-Platteville

Authored on: Dec 12, 2019, Written by: Jane Halpern
UW-Platteville undergraduates have the opportunity to assist in research almost from the moment they arrive, building key skills and gaining real-world experience which helps them stand apart from the crowd.

Holly Attenborough

Pioneer Spotlight: Dr. Holly Attenborough

Authored on: Nov 11, 2019, Written by: Alison Parkins
A chance meeting with a high school math teacher led Dr. Holly Attenborough to pursue the field of mathematics. She joined UW-Platteville in 2013 as assistant professor of mathematics, and has already earned several recognitions, including the 2018 UW-Platteville Early Career Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence and the 2017 UW System Wisconsin Teaching Fellow Award.

signing ceremony

UW-Platteville and Madison College formalize three agreements

Authored on: Nov 11, 2019, Written by: Bill Bessette, Madison College
In a move that will benefit students from both institutions, Madison College and UW-Platteville signed three partnership agreements today that will provide clear pathways and transfer opportunities in the areas of engineering, biotechnology and veterinary technician.