Strand Associates’ impactful gift to support College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science students

Written by Alison Parkins on |
CenterPOINT offers students a space for group work, tutoring, and valuable academic resources.

A longtime partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and Strand Associates was recently reaffirmed with a $200,000 commitment from the engineering firm, located in Madison, Wisconsin.

“The University of Wisconsin-Platteville is an important strategic partner for Strand Associates Inc.,” said Matt Richards, president and CEO of Strand Associates. “UW-Platteville graduates are well-educated and well-prepared, and have and will continue to play a large role in Strand’s growth.”

Strand Associates currently employs nearly 50 UW-Platteville alumni, including Richards, who graduated in 1991.

“Strand’s UW-Platteville graduates recognize the tremendous value of their education and are honored to be able to give back and share their success,” said Richards. “We wish continued prosperity for UW-Platteville as it embarks on the construction of Sesquicentennial Hall.”

The gift will support the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science’s Center for Projects, Opportunities, Instruction, Networking and Teamwork. Known as CenterPOINT, the space offers College of EMS students resources for success – a comfortable area for group work and tutoring, computer stations, and tools to check out, such as graphing calculators, laptops and more. A portion of the gift will support student employment at CenterPOINT, as students play a significant role in tutoring and outreach in the center.

“We are so grateful for Strand’s longstanding commitment to student success at UW-Platteville and for this most recent gift for CenterPOINT, which will support students and operations now, and in its future home in Sesquicentennial Hall,” said Dr. Molly Gribb, dean of the College of EMS. “This gift supports students financially and academically in a time of great need. Partnerships like this one with Strand will help UW-Platteville continue to thrive well into the future.”