UW-Platteville announces new transfer agreement with UCLA Extension, new emphasis

UW-Platteville sign

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville announces a new transfer agreement with the University of California-Los Angeles Extension. Students who complete the Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering certificate with UCLA Extension can automatically transfer 12 credits to UW-Platteville’s online Master of Science in Engineering program. In addition, UW-Platteville is adding an aerospace manufacturing engineering emphasis to its online master’s program.

“This collaboration provides students from both UW-Platteville and UCLA with unique opportunities to pursue degrees that may not have been possible without this collaboration,” said Melissa Gavin, director of Platteville Distance Engineering Programs. “For UW-Platteville students, this opportunity allows us to be the first in the Midwest to open the door to students interested in aerospace manufacturing engineering. For UCLA Extension students, it provides an opportunity to complete a Master of Science in Engineering that could open doors to future career growth and advancement. We want to thank UCLA Extension for being great partners.”

Gavin said UW-Platteville and UCLA Extension have had a long history of collaboration, especially for the graduate programs. The new agreement with UCLA Extension will go into effect on July 1, 2024, while the aerospace manufacturing engineering emphasis with launch in the fall of 2024.

UCLA Extension students who successfully complete the Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Certificate and meet UW-Platteville’s admission requirements will receive guaranteed admission with 12 transfer credits accepted into the Master of Science in Engineering program. Applicants to UW-Platteville’s Master of Science in Engineering program who have not successfully completed the UCLA Extension certificate must meet the prerequisite requirements before admission. Students must fulfill graduation requirements at both institutions in order to earn both the UCLA Extension Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Certificate and the UW-Platteville Master of Science in Engineering.

“This is an area that has not traditionally been available to students in the Midwest, making this a unique opportunity for UW-Platteville while also allowing students from UCLA to continue their education while working full time,” said Gavin. “The goal was to look for a creative way to transfer the UCLA Extension certificate that was meaningful to students at both UW-Platteville and UCLA.”

There is a growing demand in the industry for aerospace manufacturing engineering. Per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, aerospace engineering and related fields are expected to grow at a rate of six to eight percent over the next eight years. Similar to all industries associated with engineering, there are not enough engineers to fulfill the demand. As the aerospace industry continues to grow and change with new technologies, this industry continues to need more engineers.