As a computer science student, you’ll explore the theory and practice involved in the feasibility, design, implementation and evaluation of every aspect of computing. The concepts and theories in the field provide practical solutions as well as exposure to new and upcoming computing concepts.

Our computer science program blends the theory of computer science with the arts of programming and analysis, while providing attention to the business, ethical and moral aspects of computing in our society. Our hands-on and laboratory experience will enable you to practice feasibility, design, implementation and evaluation of every aspect of computing with proficiency and integrity.

At UW-Platteville, computer science graduates are problem-solvers who are prepared for positions as systems and applications programmers, analysts, software engineers and various computer specialist positions in a wide variety of industries at some of the finest local, national, and global companies.

Choose how your degree will best be suited by selecting an area of emphasis.

Computer Information Systems

Examine the concepts of software development for business applications such as banking, insurance, accounting, medical records, and retail. You will learn to manage data from collection to archive and keep it secure.

Computer Technology

Explore object-oriented software development and software engineering. Choose how this emphasis will fit your interests by selecting application domain in a discipline other than computer science. Graduates can work from a variety of areas such as business application development, mobile application development, cloud computing, e-commerce, and software engineering.