Engineering alumni create the Beth and Gary Goldberg Scholarship

Written by Ruth Wendlandt on |
Beth and Gary Goldberg

When Beth and Gary Goldberg graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in 1981, they had no idea their degrees in mining engineering would take them around the world.

“It was far beyond what we ever expected to do. We lived in England for two years and Australia for three years. It gave us a whole different perspective of the world,” said Gary. “At one point I visited 25 countries and their capital cities before I made it to Washington, D.C.”

“Sometimes we look at each other and say we are two kids from UW-Platteville,” said Beth. “We have lived all over; what an experience.”

The Goldbergs credit their education at UW-Platteville with giving them the foundation to succeed. To help assist current Pioneers on their collegiate journey, the couple have established the Beth and Gary Goldberg Scholarship. The recipient must be a Wisconsin resident, majoring in an engineering program, maintaining a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and be entering their sophomore, junior or senior year. The scholarship is also renewable for students if they continue to meet the criteria.

“I am very grateful for Beth and Gary Goldberg and their new scholarship they created to help provide affordable and accessible education for UW-Platteville engineering students,” said Chancellor Dennis J. Shields. “It is especially pleasing to me to know the role the university played in their successful careers and how highly they regard these experiences here at UW-Platteville. Their gift will enable more students to use the university as a springboard to success.”

“What a great day for engineering students at UW-Platteville,” said Dr. Molly M. Gribb, dean of the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science. “These renewable scholarships are especially impactful for recipients, as these students will know that their academic success year after year will be rewarded with the financial support they need to stay in school.”

This is the second scholarship created by the Goldbergs. They also established the James and Joan (Brandt) Goldberg Scholarship in honor of Gary’s brother and their sister-in-law.

“They both graduated from UW-Platteville,” said Gary. “We did a scholarship in their memory. We received some very nice thank you notes from students on how it helped them out. That was motivation to set up this additional scholarship.”

The Goldbergs hope with both of their scholarships the students will appreciate their education and experiences. In thinking about their UW-Platteville chapter, Beth recalled knowing she wanted to attend a smaller university and credits her alma mater with bringing her out of her shell.

“In high school I was really shy,” she said. “When I came to UW-Platteville I turned un-shy.”

Gary reflected on how he enjoyed the tightness of the campus community. “I liked the small-town feel,” he said. “The interaction with the professors and the connections. You felt close, you were not a number.”

Although the Goldbergs have not lived in Wisconsin since graduation, they are grateful for their Wisconsin roots, especially their years at UW-Platteville. They leave this advice to the next group of Pioneers entering the engineering field.

“Work hard and be open-minded,” said Beth. “You have to be flexible. You will get a job and go far, but you can’t be rigid; you have to be flexible.”

“And enjoy it,” Gary added.