Engineering partnership renewed in Fox Valley

Chancellors Shields and Leavitt

The successful University of Wisconsin-Platteville Engineering Partnerships program will continue in the Fox Valley, UW-Platteville Dennis J. Shields and UW Oshkosh Chancellor Andy Leavitt announced at a joint news conference Friday in Menasha, Wisconsin.

UW-Platteville has been offering its accredited engineering program at what was known as UW-Fox Valley and other two-year institutions since it was approved in the 2001-03 biennial budget. Currently, 145 UW-PEP students are enrolled in engineering courses, including 56 in Fox Valley, working towards UW-Platteville degrees in mechanical or electrical engineering. 

As part of the 2017 UW System restructuring, UW-Fox Valley is now a branch campus of UW Oshkosh, necessitating the memo of understanding. UW Oshkosh offers engineering technology. Students can live and study on the Oshkosh campus and still earn the UW-Platteville engineering degree.

“We are happy to not only continue this engineering partnership but also strengthen our outreach to the Fox Valley,” Chancellor Shields said. “This MOU does two things – preserves our ability to provide a UW-Platteville engineering degree to working adults at the Fox Valley campus,and creates a new pipeline of potential students from UW Oshkosh.”

UW-Platteville has a long engineering history. The Wisconsin Mining Trade School began in 1907 to train specialized technicians to work in the mining operations surrounding Platteville. The mining school merged with the normal school in 1959 to form what is now known as UW-Platteville.

The collaborative engineering program enabled the UW-Platteville degrees to be offered around the state to reach primarily adult learners. 

“This collaboration happened because we listened to employers and the workforce,” Chancellor Shields said. “We will continue to serve the state’s workforce.”