UW-Platteville graduate certificate programs offer digital badges to highlight professional skills

Graduate certificate badges

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville understands the importance of professionals illustrating their learning achievements in a competitive business landscape. That's why students who take advantage of UW-Platteville's graduate-level certificate programs will now begin receiving a digital badge following the successful completion of the program. These badges serve as a visual verification of the achievement and highlight the learned skills. 

The badge is a digital, hyperlinked icon designed to display on a resume, portfolio website, email, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. In addition, each earned badge is accessible and verifiable online and contains metadata that describes the achievement and the criteria associated with the program.

"At UW-Platteville, we're proud to play a part in our students’ professional growth and are pleased to offer another avenue for professionals to demonstrate their expertise and willingness to learn," said Melissa Gavin, assistant director of the Office of Professional Program Support. "Employers are looking for ways to identify highly-skilled and driven candidates, and these badges offer a clear way for our students to stand out."

Digital badges are available upon completion of any of the following 100% master's-level certificate programs: 

Students must meet certain requirements to qualify for these certificate programs. Credit earned from the successful completion of the program may be applied toward a master's degree program, depending on program requirements.

About UW-Platteville's Online Programs: 

UW-Platteville offers ten undergraduate degrees online, including Associate of Arts and SciencesAssociate of Science in Business AdministrationAssociate of Science in Hospitality and Tourism ManagementBachelor of Science in Applied Computing; and Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice; plus Bachelor's of Business Administration in FinanceHuman Resource ManagementIntegrated MarketingIntegrated Supply Chain Management and Management. The ten online master's degree programs are Applied BiotechnologyCriminal Justice, CybersecurityEngineeringHealthcare AdministrationIntegrated Supply Chain ManagementOrganizational Change Leadership, Project Management, Sport Administration and Strategic Management. The university also offers 16 graduate and undergraduate certificate programs.

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