Supply chain management is one of the fastest growing and most valuable areas of business. Effective supply chains help companies stay lean and responsive because one disruption can easily cost millions of dollars. With that kind of money in play, you’ll need a supply chain degree to make sure that you’re ready for the responsibility.

Supply chain management is a field for an elite group of people who possess both personality and technical skills. As part of this elite group, you will enjoy incredible job and salary prospects that far surpass other areas.

The bachelor of business administration degree in integrated supply chain management will cultivate the skills you need to be successful as a supply chain manager. We are one of just a few members of the SAP University Alliance, providing you with hands-on experience using the dominant software in industry and giving you a competitive advantage as a UW-Platteville graduate.

We heavily emphasize practical learning that is directly transferable to the career that you will pursue. Our program will teach you how to build and manage an ethical, profitable, and sustainable supply chain using state-of-the-art practices, tools, and methodologies. Our goal is to prepare you to exert influence and lead effective supply chain efforts so that you are fully prepared to capitalize on opportunities wherever and whenever they arise.

The bachelor of business administration degree in integrated supply chain management can be completed in a traditional setting on campus or 100% online. A master of science in integrated supply chain management degree is also offered online.

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