Recent grad accelerates career through bachelor’s to master’s pathway

Connor Trempe

Connor Trempe likes to understand how things work. It’s a trait that has served him well as a software engineer. He recognizes that each piece of code is vital in ensuring the entire program runs correctly and that the quality of the code directly correlates with the robustness of the software. 

It was that mindset that drew him to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Pathway. Through the pathway, students can earn both their undergraduate and graduate degrees faster by taking some courses simultaneously. By enrolling in the pathway, Trempe said he was able to graduate with two degrees in just five years. 

“Honestly, it was a big time and money saver for me,” Trempe said. “My master's only took me a year and a half, and my undergrad only took me three and a half years. The program really accelerated my growth and performance as a leader, both inside my organization and with my clients.”

Trempe currently works as a software engineer at Tanduo Technical Partners, a software development firm that consults with a wide variety of businesses and industries across the country. He commenced his career with the company while studying in UW-Platteville’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program. But as his job duties and portfolio grew, so did the need for a more diverse educational toolbox to better understand how these companies operate. 

“If you asked me three years ago if I would have gotten a master's program or a master's degree in business, I probably would have laughed at you,” Trempe said. “But one of the benefits of working for a small business is that you wear a lot of hats. I lead a team of people, sit on our executive team, and lead our recruiting department – as well as being my actual job title. So, I found an entrepreneurial bone in my body.”

When looking for the right sets of skills that would fit the diverse range of responsibilities and clients, he was drawn to the Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership program. Trempe said the program allowed him to understand the business side of change better and better connect and understand the needs of his clients.

“I wanted a program that fit my current career's Swiss army knife nature. Technology and the business world change so fast. With these skills, I can bridge the gap between the software world that I'm in and bringing business value,” added Trempe.

The M.S. Organizational Change Leadership program is offered 100% online, which was crucial in allowing Trempe to balance his education, work and personal lives. He was impressed that he was able to take the lessons he was learning in his virtual classroom and immediately apply them to his job – which, in turn, allowed him to continue to earn more responsibilities. 

“I started seeing many of these projects we were in as change projects, and we've really changed as a company because of some of the things that I've been able to do on both the technology and change sides,” Trempe said. “I'm hoping to be a leader of leaders. I think that this degree is helping me because it’s given me the tools to cultivate buy-in.”

Trempe said he would not have achieved his early career success if not for the ability to accelerate his degree through the pathway and online master’s program. It allowed him to not only gain comprehensive and applied skills, but also a full understanding of both the technical and business side of his work. 

“I would highly recommend it. The UW-Platteville online master's program was an excellent experience. The curriculum, the professors and the program were so well put together. The Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s program is made for working professionals with the flexibility to earn your degree while advancing your career,” Trempe stated.

To learn more about the Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Pathway, click here.