Marketing has evolved into a technical discipline that requires a deep understanding of persuasion, analysis, and media management. No longer strictly creative, advanced strategic marketing knowledge and skills are required to enter the field. Our bachelor of business administration degree in integrated marketing prepares you to assume responsibility for any organization or cause’s public face and identity.

Marketing plays a central role in maintaining an organization’s financial health. It is an incredibly satisfying blend of strategic and tactical thinking along with leadership, interpersonal relations, and finance. Over the next decade, the demand for professional marketers is expected to grow much faster than the national average for other careers.

Last year, the United States alone spent $240 billion on advertising. Our integrated marketing program will teach you the science behind effective advertising with an emphasis on practical learning directly transferable to the career you will pursue. You also will learn how to conduct market research with real organizations, manage websites, create advertisements, and build marketing campaigns as you prepare for an exciting career full of opportunity.

The bachelor of business administration degree in integrated marketing can be completed in a traditional setting on campus or 100% online.