Learn to analyze, design, and meet bearing capacities of shallow or deep foundations, and to design reinforced concrete for shallow or deep foundations. Apply Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) principles to the design and analysis of foundations.

You’ll examine soil mechanics to recognize, design and analyze concrete retaining walls, cantilever and anchored sheet pile walls, braced excavations, and more using LRFD concepts. You’ll also be able to recognize, design, and analyze the geosynthetic alternatives to traditional civil engineering projects such as subsurface drainage systems, erosion control systems, roadway and pavement systems, and more.

The credit you earn from your certificate can be applied toward the completion of the online Master of Science in Engineering program.

The online Geotechnical Engineering certificate is earned by completing 12 graduate credits.

  • Advanced Deep Foundation Design w/ LRFD Applications
  • Advanced Shallow Foundation Design w/ LRFD Applications
  • Earth Retaining Structures: Design, Analysis, and LRFD
  • Geosynthetics Engineering