The Master of Science in Sport Administration program at UW-Platteville is built to provide you with the comprehensive leadership skills you’ll need for careers in professional, collegiate, nonprofit, amateur and recreational sport with a specific new focus on esports.

Developed by the Health and Human Performance department in partnership with the School of Business, this 30-credit program gives you the flexibility of online coursework while also providing a face-to-face practicum course with unparalleled access to your professors, other students, and campus resources.

Earn your degree in less than two years with opportunities for scholarships and a fully paid Sport Administration fellowship working within the Division of Athletics and Recreation. Be sure to ask your Admission Specialist how you can reduce this cost with transfer credits or credit for professional credentials.

Welcome potential students!

This highly-affordable master’s program is conducive to recent graduates or working professionals looking to make a career shift.  Students can earn their degree in less than two years with opportunities for a fully paid sport administration fellowship, working directly within the Division of Athletics and Recreation. Prospective students can also work with campus admissions specialists to reduce costs with transfer credits or credit for professional credentials.

This interdisciplinary graduate program at UW-Platteville is a partnership with the Health and Human Performance department and School of Business. Upon graduation you will be well positioned for direct entry in multifaceted roles in sport administration and leadership. In addition, our partnership with the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion also allows students to complete administrative fellowships, working directly within the Division of Athletics and Recreation, in areas such as marketing, event operations, student-athlete development, compliance, recreation sport and outdoor recreation. I am thrilled to welcome fellows to our learning laboratory setting to continue to grow as professionals.

For more information feel free to contact me at or reach out to our program advisors!

Kristina Navarro

Kristina Navarro, Director of Athletics and Recreation, Assistant Chancellor

Transfer up to 12 credits toward your degree. Credits need to have been earned from a nationally or regionally accredited institution recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. You'll want to be sure to let your Admission Specialist know if you have earned credits previously.

The Master of Science in Sport Administration is earned by completing 30 graduate credits.

HHP 5010 Introduction to Sport Administration
This course will analyze organizational leadership structures of contemporary sport agencies.  Students will evaluate constructs of administrative theory and practice through differentiated group learning activities to create a holistic understanding of administrative leadership constructs pertinent to professional, collegiate, nonprofit, esports, global and youth sport organizations.

HHP 5050 Career Construction and Identity Development in Sport Administration
Students will apply career and professional development theories to administrative practice to inform professional advancement in the sport industry.  Students will analyze and apply networking and branding strategies for personal career advancement.  Students will create and demonstrate methods to facilitate continuing education for employees within their future organization.

OCL 7330: Org Change Leadership Theory & Practice
This course provides an introduction to leadership theory and practice, both generally and specifically. Strategies for identifying and positively affecting the core of the organization will be discussed. Methods for adapting to and affecting change in interpersonal and group situations will be covered.

HHP 6040 Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Administration
The course will analyze the many issues of diversity in the sports arena and the systematic global challenges and barriers that impact a diverse population of individuals who work within this industry.  This course will develop a shared understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion in sport.  Study will examine and apply methods of inclusive hiring practices and equitable opportunity in sport as a framework to enhance sport organizational culture.

HHP 7050 Legal Aspects of Sport Administration
This course will examine the legal aspects and governance structures of sport agencies and governing bodies.  Students will apply and evaluate sport governance structures, compliance protocols, and risk management strategies to enhance sport organizational leadership.  Students will apply legal policies to practitioner settings and case studies in sport administration to enhance organizational effectiveness and compliance.

ACCT 7210: Applied Accounting
The Applied Accounting course is designed to provide you with the necessary skills to provide entry-level accounting support. In addition to developing basic accounting skills, the course will enhance knowledge of general business practices.

HHP 7070: Sport Administration in a Global Society
Students will examine how contemporary sport administration serves as a vehicle for change and collaboration in society.  Students will evaluate and assess how levels of cultural intelligence in sport organizations influence collaboration.  In turn, students will evaluate their own knowledge of the global influence of sport.  Finally, students will create a strategic approach to develop an enhanced shared understanding of the global influence of sport across organizations. 

BUSADMIN 6630: Marketing Management
The determination of market policy; marketing administration and application of principles pertaining to management of marketing resources. P: Two marketing courses or consent of the instructor or department chair.

HHP 7030 Event Management in Sport Administration
This course examines the major tenets of event management to produce sport specific competitions and events.  Students will analyze current events to understand how to best create a comprehensive event management protocol and assessment plan that can be applied to future practice.

HHP 7970 Capstone and Practicum in Sport Administration
This course will apply methods of career assessment to assist with personal career planning. Students will create a formal professional vision and portfolio utilizing artifacts from courses completed during their core and emphasis area courses. 

To be considered for admission, you'll need:

  • Bachelor's degree from a regionally or nationally accredited institution that meets UW-System standards and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.
  • Overall undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or above or 2.90 on the last 60 credits from the degree-granting institution.
  • No GRE or GMAT is required.

Applicants not meeting minimum requirements may gain admission through the comprehensive review process. International degrees are considered on an individual basis. For complete information, view the full admission requirements.

To ensure an admission decision for the semester you intend to start on your degree, you'll want to submit your application and supporting materials by:

  • Spring: December 1
  • Summer: April 15
  • Fall: July 15


A fully paid fellowship opportunity is available for individuals who qualify (AOP funding). 

With this experience you will have the opportunity to work with the UW-Platteville Division of Athletics and Recreation in areas such as:


  • Intramurals and Recreation Sports
  • Event Management
  • Recreation Facilities Management
  • Event Management
  • Outdoor Recreation

Intercollegiate Athletics

  • Student-Athlete Development (Pioneer Leadership Institute)
  • Athletic Communications and Marketing
  • Athletic and Recreation Facilities
  • Event Management
  • NCAA Compliance and Risk Management
  • Athletics Fundraising

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • SUCCEED program ambassador

You may be eligible to receive one of the following scholarships.

Dr. Valyncia C. Raphael-Woodward
Valyncia C. Raphael-Woodward (she/her/hers), JD, Ph.D. is a scholar-practitioner, equity, diversity and inclusion strategist, and expert on addressing racism, sexual misconduct, and incivility in the workplace. She is currently a higher ed administrator at Western University of Health Sciences. She has served as a Title IX Coordinator, student affairs professional, and has worked in various business offices on a variety of campuses, such as legal affairs and human resources.