Strengthen the soft skills needed to motivate, develop, and direct employees as well as successfully manage projects and resources. You’ll evolve from a technical engineer into a manager of engineers by developing an understanding of forecasting, planning, scheduling and decision-making models.

The credit you earn from your certificate can be applied toward the completion of the online Master of Science in Engineering program.


A completed baccalaureate degree is required to qualify for the certificate program.

The Engineering Management certificate is earned by completing 12 graduate credits.

INDSTENG 7800 Engineering Management

Choose any three additional courses:

ENGRG 6050 Applied Statistics 
INDSTENG 7810 Advanced Production and Operation Analysis 
INDSTENG 7820 Quality Engineering and Management 
INDSTENG 7830 Advanced Cost and Value Analysis 
INDSTENG 7840 Systems Engineering Management 
INDSTENG 7850 Taguchi Method of Designing Experiments 
INDSTENG 7860 Continuous Improvement with Lean Principles 
PROJMGT 7010 Project Management Techniques I


  • Achieve a minimum grade of "C" in each course
  • Complete the program with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Request a certificate from the Office of Professional Program Support within one year upon completion