A certificate in Sport Administration will provide you with the essential leadership skills you’ll need to begin or enhance your career in a wide array of sport professions.  Developed by the Health and Human Performance Department in partnership with the School of Business, this nine-credit certificate program will provide online course options as well as a face-to-face practicum course.

The credit you earn from your certificate can be applied toward the completion of the Master of Science in Sport Administration.

A completed baccalaureate degree is required to qualify for the certificate program.

A certificate is earned by completing nine graduate credits.

HHP 5010 Introduction to Sport Administration
This course will analyze organizational leadership structures of contemporary sport agencies.  Students will evaluate constructs of administrative theory and practice through differentiated group learning activities to create a holistic understanding of administrative leadership constructs pertinent to professional, collegiate, nonprofit, esports, global and youth sport organizations.

HHP 5050 Career Construction and Identity Development in Sport Administration
Students will apply career and professional development theories to administrative practice to inform professional advancement in the sport industry.  Students will analyze and apply networking and branding strategies for personal career advancement.  Students will create and demonstrate methods to facilitate continuing education for employees within their future organization.

HHP 7970 Capstone and Practicum in Sport Administration

This course will apply methods of career assessment to assist with personal career planning. Students will create a formal professional vision and portfolio utilizing artifacts from courses completed during their core and emphasis area courses.


  • Achieve a minimum grade of “C” in each course for the certificate program
  • Complete the certificate courses with a minimum overall GPA of 3.00
  • Complete the courses through UW-Platteville; transferred courses and course substitutions are not allowed
  • Request a certificate from the Office of Professional Program Support within one year upon completion of the final course in the certificate