Employees are a company’s most valuable resource. They’re the firm’s ability to generate new products, serve its customers, and ultimately survive. The human resource management program will teach you to create systems where employees feel like a part of a team and want to contribute to the company’s success.

Human resource managers are exceptional communicators who combine deep technical expertise with a broad understanding of an organization. You’ll learn to build the organization’s talent pipeline, reduce its legal risks, deploy employee training programs, foster a high-performance culture, and negotiate compensation and benefits.

Companies are starting to realize that effective human resource management is a game-changer for their organizations. Accordingly, human resource professionals can expect better than average job prospects.

Our human resource management program is a highly effective blend of theory, strategy, and best practices to prepare you to thrive in HR roles across a wide range of industries. Program faculty bring both academic credentials and deep industry experience so that when opportunity knocks, you’ll be more than ready to answer.

The bachelor of business administration degree in human resource management can be completed in a traditional setting on campus or 100% online.