UW-Platteville strives to provide a safe, clean, comfortable, and inclusive environment for our students to call home in the residence halls. All residence halls are committed to building communities of respect and engagement.

In this section, you will learn how to apply for housing (new students), and how to reserve your room (continuing students). Please review the UW System Board of Regents Residency Requirement and the contract terms prior to reserving your room.

The earlier a Residence Life Contract is submitted, the more likely we can honor your preference for halls and roommate requests. There is no guarantee, no matter when a contract is filed, that we can honor preferences, but the earlier the better.

  • UW System Board of Regents Residence Requirements states that freshman and sophomore students who are not veterans, married, or living with parents or guardians, shall be required to live in a university-operated residence hall when such accommodations are available.

    This policy that first-year and second-year students are required to live in a community environment is enforced by the Department of Residence Life at UW-Platteville. 

    Students who are involved in a university sponsored program (co-op, education abroad, internship, student teaching) or are called for military service, must request a release from the spring semester through the Department of Residence Life.

  • Once a contract is signed (box checked), and $150 prepayment is paid, it is legally binding. Make your decision to sign (check box) a Residence Life Contract carefully. No resident may cancel their Residence Life Contract for any reason unless they are no longer attending the university. Your contract is a legally binding contract, and you will be held to the terms therein.

    By checking the box on the student’s contract via online services, a student acknowledges that they have read, understand, and accept the terms of the Residence Hall Contract, including documents incorporated by reference as part of the contract for the Department of Residence Life, offered by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

    Residence Hall Rental Contract Terms

    Application for exemption form

    Release from Residence Life Contract Form

Choosing where to live

We provide a wide range of amenities and rates, which allows you to choose a residence that fits your budget, lifestyle, interests, and needs. During the contracting process, you will have the ability to rank your top preferences of residence hall. Please fill out all four preferences. We recommend considering the following:

  • There are six tiers of residential living to choose from. Please see our amenities chart for a detailed overview or visit residence halls to learn more about the offerings in each hall. Make your decision on where to live considering your comfort level, as well as your ability to connect with others.

    Traditional Halls

    We recommend first-year students begin their live-on experience in one of our traditional halls (Dobson Hall, Melcher Hall, Morrow Hall, Porter Hall, or Wilgus Hall). The experience of living in a traditional hall affords the opportunity to meet many new people, learn how to get involved, and gain access to campus resources provided by the traditional hall experience.The traditional halls are sorted into three tiers: traditional, renewed, and elevated. 

    The traditional tier is the most cost-effective option for college students. The layout is a “traditional” double occupancy bedroom and community bathroom. The traditional tier includes McGregor Hall, Morrow Hall, and Wilgus Hall

    The renewed tier is the traditional layout with updated fixtures and community spaces and includes Melcher Hall and Porter Hall.

    The elevated tier is the traditional layout with updated fixtures to rooms and community spaces, refreshed restrooms, an elevator, and air cooling in the hallways and basement. The elevated tier includes Dobson Hall.

    Semi-suite Style

    UW-Platteville also offers semi-suite style living in Bridgeway Commons and Rountree Commons for our first-year students. These halls offer four person suites with double occupancy bedrooms and shared bathroom. Community engagement is focused on developing connections to each other and to the university, all while accessing resources provided by other community and university collaborative entities. Our returning students also request these two buildings at a high rate. If you are interested in living in Bridgeway Commons or Rountree Commonsy, we encourage you to complete your residence hall contract early.

    Suite Style and Single Rooms

    For transfer students and students with 30+ post-high school credits, McGregor Hall and Southwest Hall are great options to select, but are not required. Returning students have the option to sign-up during room reservations to live in this environment. First-year residents are not able to request single rooms.

    McGregor Hall offers single rooms in a traditional hall environment.

    Southwest Hall offers four person suites with single bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchenette, and living room area. Southwest Hall is also home to our all-gender housing, which means any gender may live in any of the four bedrooms within the suite. Returning students have the option to sign-up during room reservations to live in this environment.

  • Contributing to the academic mission of the university, UW-Platteville offers the option for students to live in living learning communities as well as interest communities. Some of the programs are connected to an academic program, while others are built on common interests and experiences, or personal affinity characteristics. These programs enhance the academic and social opportunities that the live-on campus experience provides.

    Learn more about our themed communities.

  • Students must choose the living option that is the best fit for their budget. Look at your budget from an analytical perspective. Make sure you have enough money for tuition, housing, dining plan, and any incidentals. Much of this could be covered by scholarships, grants, or financial aid; however, you want to make sure all costs are accounted for when making a housing decision.

  • It’s important to note that by filling out all four preference slots on your contract, you are communicating with us what you would prefer, not what you are selecting. There are several reasons that students may not be assigned to their top preference. 

    1. Continuing students can contract for residence hall spaces prior to first-year students. If you select a residence hall that is popular with our continuing students, you may not receive your first choice.
    2. Contract completion dates matter.  We assign students based on the date that their contract is completed. We recommend that you fill out your residence hall contract early (September to November). 
    3. Your selected roommate may not have chosen the same hall preferences that you did. Make sure to connect over the residence hall preferences you list on both of your applications.

All about roommates

College is a world of firsts; one of those firsts may be living in a double occupancy room with another person whom you have never met.

  • We have options for students regarding their roommate selection:

    1. If you want to room with someone you know, you can request the student as a roommate while filling out your housing contract. Both students must agree to be roommates before placement, and both students must have the same hall preferences and living learning/interest community selections.
    2. If you would like to be randomly assigned to a roommate, you are able to complete a questionnaire at the time of contracting that will assist the computer algorithm in matching students.

    There is the possibility where you may meet someone during the year prior to attending the university that you would like to select as your roommate. Should this be the case, simply log back into your housing contract and request this person as your roommate.

    When you receive your room placement in the end of June/beginning of July, you will also receive your roommate’s name and email address. We encourage you to get in touch before moving in so you can make plans and get to know each other. This will help make the transition to college easier for both of you.

  • Please keep in mind:

    1. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be best friends! In fact, most of our residence hall students would say that their roommate was satisfactory, average, nice, ok, and fun. They could live with each other just fine for one year by being flexible and having open communication. Over 85% of our students stated that they were satisfied with their roommate in respect to privacy, property, sleep time, and study time. 
    2. What we have seen working in Residence Life is that the media teaches you about two extremes: the roommate you hate and can-absolutely-not live with, and the roommate that you do everything with and finish each other’s sentences. The reality is that most roommate pairings fall someplace in the middle and end up being great in the grey. 
    3. Some students who have selected their friend from high school to live with, end up not being compatible as roommates. We encourage requested roommate pairings to have conversations about cleaning habits, room chores, daily routines, and more, prior to living together.

    There is no evidence of higher satisfaction living with a requested roommate vs. one that has been randomly assigned for college students. The key to having any great relationship is communication. The Department of Residence Life staff is always available to assist if things go south, but we want you to put your best effort into being flexible and compromising and learning how to have difficult conversations that lead to resolution.

Room reservation process

Complete the following steps to apply for housing and/or reserve your room. Please note that you will not be able to view residence hall spaces unless the $150 payment is paid. DO NOT submit the $150 prepayment if you do not wish to be in a contract next term.

  • Every new or transfer student must either:

    • Submit the Residence Hall Contract and $150 prepayment or
    • Submit the exemption form available

    How to sign up for your residence hall:

    1. Log into your UW-Platteville PASS account and click on “Housing/Meals” found on the left side.
    2. You will select your choice of meal plan first and then move into the housing contract.
    3. You will need to pay your $150 pre-payment before being able to select housing preferences.  This can be done in the online system immediately using a credit card/bank card. There will be a $3.75 service charge. You can also send a check made out to UW-Platteville for $150, but this will delay your ability to continue filling out the contract until your check has been received and processed.
    4. Make sure to read through each section carefully as there may be some sections you must complete before moving on to the next. There are also options that are not required.
    5. If you have someone you would like to room with, the person must be admitted to UW-Platteville.  You can put the person down as a preference. Remember roommate requests must be mutual, within the same residential preference, and if either of you is signed up for a living learning community, you must both select this community. If requests are not identical, you will not be assigned as roommates.
    6. Please visit Services for Students with Disabilities for medical accommodations.
  • Continuing students can log into their PASS account and click on “Housing/Meals” to reserve a residence hall space. Please be aware that a contract for your housing, as well as meal plan, are started when you click “Apply”. If you do not plan to be in the halls or on a meal plan, do not click the Housing/Meals tile. If you are unable to access the tile, please change to another browser as Firefox or Chrome is preferred. Remember there are only a certain number of people that can be on at any given time, so if you get an error message, wait a minute or two and try to log-in again.

    If you are curious to know if a space is available in a certain hall without submitting a contract, you can contact the Resident Director of that building to get that info.

    $150 prepayment is required when submitting the on-line contract.

    If you are interested in moving to another residence hall/room, they must follow the room reservation schedule.

  • After you have been assigned a room, you may change residence halls or room assignments only with prior written authorization of the residence hall director(s) involved. Completion of a room change form is required and can be attained by contacting a residence hall staff member.

    Room changes cannot be implemented until after the first week of classes of any semester. Students living in the traditional hall tier may transfer to the suite halls. Students assigned to Cooper Living Learning Center, Bridgeway Commons, Rountree Commons, or Southwest Hall may not transfer to the traditional halls.

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