Residence Life Policy Handbook

Snow Removal

A Snow Emergency for Parking (SEP) decision will be made by no later than 3:00 p.m. for the parking restriction to go into effect at 12:00 a.m. on the following date.

Again, SEP will occur for a TWO DAY PERIOD, so that both sides of the street get plowed. A longer period of removal may be designated if more time is required to adequately clear the streets. For specific dates, check your UW-Platteville email, hall postings or your hall's main desk.


  • E-mail notice sent to all UW-Platteville students, faculty and staff
  • Fliers on residence hall entrances and exits
  • Notices in residence hall mailboxes
  • Posted on the university housing website

Citations & Violations

The University Police Department will issue parking citations for any vehicle parked in violation of the SEP rules. The citation amount is $50.00. If you drive / own / use a vehicle, it is your responsibility to find out if a SEP has been declared and follow the instructions. Vehicles parked in violation of the SEP will be towed to the football stadium parking lot (Parking Lot 10). The towing charge to remove a vehicle in violation is a minimum of $100.00. Combined with the citation amount, that adds up to $150.00. Commuter and Staff parking lots are restricted to No Parking from 2am-6am all year long. Anyone who violates this restriction during a snow declaration will be issued a $50 snow removal parking citation.

Parking Options

  • On the correct side of the street (side not scheduled to be plowed)
  • If you possess a residence hall permit (in any residence hall lot)
  • On a valid city street (alternate side parking is always enforced each night from Nov. 15 – April 1)

*Commuter, staff and metered lots/stalls or on Circle Drive between the hours of 2am-6am are restricted to NO PARKING all year long. Anyone who violates this restriction during a snow declaration will be issued a $50 snow removal parking citation. *Meters by Southwest Hall and on University Plaza are enforced 24 hours, every day. Parking permits are not valid at meters. For more information, visit Parking or view the campus Lot Map.

Posting Policy

Posting and Advertising Procedures

These guidelines prescribe locations and formats within the residence halls for the promotion and advertising of activities, programs, and services of interest to UW-Platteville students, faculty, and staff. It was developed with regard for effective and available space utilization, demonstration of support for campus-related programs and services, and an understanding that the halls are living environments.

These guidelines explain who, how, what, when, and where items may be posted and/ or advertised. It provides consistency, is more readily explained, lessens fire code concerns, and addresses overuse of fliers.

The following are guidelines for the procedure.

General Guidelines

  • All postings from student organizations, businesses, individuals, and non-UW-Platteville recognized groups may submit only two posting for each hall’s lobby (26). All postings must be brought to the Department of Residence Life for approval. The department will review all postings to ensure compliance with UW-Platteville policies, e.g., UWS 14, 17, 18, UW-Platteville Discrimination and Harassment Policy, and UW-Platteville Alcohol Policy. The posting and promotion of any event or activity where alcohol is the primary focus will not be permitted. Postings will then be given to residence hall staff for posting at their earliest convenience. Individuals are not allowed to post materials in the residence halls on their own.
  • Only Department of Residence Life personnel may physically place postings (signs, fliers, and posters) in the residence halls.
  • Residence hall communities have both the right and the responsibility to regulate the “public” side of room doors. Residence halls are considered a non-public forum related to the first amendment. Materials placed on the public side of room doors must be in compliance with UW-Platteville policies, e.g., UWS 14, 17, 18, UW-Platteville Discrimination and Harassment Policy, and UW-Platteville Alcohol Policy. The display and promotion of any event or activity where alcohol is the primary focus will not be permitted. The department mission is to build safe, inclusive environments. If the actions in question are incompatible with this mission, Residence Life reserves the right to limit those actions (The First Amendment On Campus, Bird, Mackin, & Schuster, 2006).

In addition, no items may be adhered to or displayed in windows. The only items that may be in a window are twinkle lights around the perimeter of the window. You will be asked to remove any other materials by departmental staff.

Missing Student Notification Policy

If the University is contacted or advised of a missing residence hall student, the University will notify the proper authorities within twenty-four hours of the determination that the student is missing, including:

  • For residents under the age of 18 and not emancipated, the University Police, and the parent/guardian
  • For residents who are over the age of 18, the University Police, and the emergency contact provided by the student

Students are highly encouraged to complete the emergency contact information in their PASS account. In addition, students are encouraged to provide a confidential contact on the Residence Life Personal Data Form, in the event they were to go missing. This information is private and will be accessible to authorized campus officials (Residence Life staff, Dean of Students Office staff, and the Office of the Registrar staff) and only be disclosed to law enforcement personnel in furtherance of the missing person’s investigation.

Any time anyone believes that a student is a threat to themselves or others; they should contact University Police immediately. If they want to report that a student is missing they can either contact University Police directly (608.342.1584) or they can print/complete a Missing Person Notification Form. Anyone can complete this form any time they believe a student has been missing for an unusual amount of time. Residence hall students completing this form should submit it to their resident director or the Department of Residence Life (located in Royce Hall, 608.342.1845) who will then contact University Police and the Director of Student Life and Development. For the rest of the campus community and those not living in Platteville, contact University Police at (608.342.1584) or submit the above form to the University Police Department located at 135 Brigham Hall, 1 University Plaza, Platteville WI 53818.

Missing Student Notification Procedure

If any University Official, including Resident Assistants, is approached by anyone regarding a missing student, that official should help them determine if a Missing Student Notification form should be completed.

Here are some questions that may be of assistance:

  • Do they believe the student is a threat to themselves or others?
  • Has the student been missing for a minimum of 24 hours?
  • Have you contacted the location/place they had most recently been?
  • Have you tried to contact them through various means? e.g. cell phone, text, email, Facebook, etc.?
  • Have you contacted other friends or relatives who may know where they are?

Upon receiving a missing student form, University Officials should contact University Police and their resident director, if living in the residence halls. The University Police will determine if a student is “deemed missing” and within twenty- four hours follow appropriate procedures, including contacting either the parent/guardian, or the emergency contact provided by the student, as defined above.

University Police Actions

The University Police Department follows the law enforcement missing persons policy in all such cases. The department may release a photo of the missing student as a tool to assist in locating the individual and may seek information and/or assistance from a variety of campus resources during the course of the investigation.