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UW-Platteville offers a comprehensive array of undergraduate and graduate programs, delivered face-to-face and online, to suit virtually any interest and career goal. You’ll earn a degree that lets you enjoy a fulfilling and successful future in a field you love.

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Academic programs that offer opportunity from the start


With an accounting degree from UW-Platteville, you can work virtually anywhere. Accountants are needed to evaluate and manage the financial health of an…

Advanced Project Management Certificate

Deepen your expertise with advanced project management skills and knowledge that can be applied to projects in the workplace with the online Advanced Project…


With a degree in agribusiness, you will learn business, marketing, and management practices specifically related to agriculture.

Agricultural Education

As one of only three agriculture education programs in the state of Wisconsin, you’ll be prepared to educate high school students and adults in the areas of…

Agriculture and Industrial Engineering Technology

The agriculture and industrial engineering technology minor is available to students who want to work in agriculture-related manufacturing.

Animal Science

Enrich your farm animal knowledge with an animal science degree from UW-Platteville.

Architecture Minor

A minor in architecture will lay the foundation for a broad, base-level understanding of architecture by allowing you to consider a building’s panning, construction,…


Develop a broad knowledge in studio art, graphic design, and art education with a minor in art.

Art History

Develop a strong understanding of the historical, social, and political dimensions of art and architecture with a minor in art history.

Associate of Arts and Sciences

In today's competitive business world, time is of the essence and education is a must.

Associate of Arts and Sciences Online

In today's competitive business world, time is of the essence and education is a must.

Associate of Science in Business Administration

Become successful in business by combining accounting, business management, and marketing with your own entrepreneurial spirit.

Associate of Science in Business Administration Online

Gain the education and experience employers are looking for when entering the business world.

Associate of Science in Food and Agriculture

The Associate of Science in Food and Agriculture will promote critical thinking, effective communication, scientific knowledge, professionalism and social…

Associate of Science in Pre-Engineering

The Associate of Science in Pre-Engineering prepares you for a career in the exciting and in-demand field of engineering.

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

Prepare for a life of creative and productive work in a changing and increasingly interdependent and diverse world.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing

Drive process and create connections as a skilled, perceptive IT professional.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Whether you’re seeking to enter the criminal justice field or advance in your current law enforcement or security career, you’ll become an invaluable member of your…


Study life in all its forms with a bachelor’s degree in biology.


Explore organisms and the biological process to produce products that improve the quality of life for humans with the biotechnology minor.

Broad Field Science

A degree in broad field science will provide an expansive perspective of the foundations of science and technology and is ideal if you envision teaching in…


Chemistry involves the study of properties and behavior of materials in order to better understand the way in which materials are structured, how they…

Child Advocacy Studies

UW-Platteville’s Child Advocacy Studies certificate program prepares you to be a trauma-informed professional who is prepared to respond appropriately to…

Civil Engineering

As a civil engineering student, you will learn to design, build, and maintain the foundations for our modern society, which allows us to drink clean water,…

Computer Science

As a computer science student, you’ll explore the theory and practice involved in the feasibility, design, implementation and evaluation of every aspect of…

Construction Management

Our high-impact Bachelor of Science in Construction Management program will train you to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s…

Construction Management Minor

The construction management minor will allow you to explore topics of plan reading, building materials, estimating, scheduling, contracts, and change orders.

Construction Safety Management Minor

The construction safety management minor will enhance your understanding will enhance of safety on the construction site with course that focuses on safety and risk…

Creative Writing

Sharpen your creative writing skills in short stories, nonfiction, poetry, and professional writing with the creative writing minor.

Criminal Justice

The bachelor’s degree in criminal justice provides an understanding of the criminal justice system and society in which it functions.

Dairy Science

The dairy science program will allow you to join this dynamic and growing industry.

Data Science

As a data science major at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, you will develop your statistical, mathematical, and programming skills to work with many types of…

Drafting and Product Development Technology

The drafting and product development technology minor provides the chance to get involved in the production design process, using design tools to take ideas…

Electrical Engineering

As an electrical engineering student at UW-Platteville, you’ll learn about the functionality of electricity, electronics, and technology.

Elementary Education

UW-Platteville’s elementary education program will help you gain the skills necessary to positively influence students’ intellectual growth and overall…

Engineering Design Certificate

Deepen your understanding of the fundamental areas of engineering and acquire the skills to increase efficiencies and design optimal solutions in a variety…

Engineering Management Certificate

Strengthen the soft skills needed to motivate, develop, and direct employees as well as successfully manage projects and resources.

Engineering Physics

The engineering physics program combines elements of mechanical and electrical engineering with advanced coursework in applied physics.


If you have a passion for words, UW-Platteville’s English program can help make your passion personally and professionally rewarding.

English Education

The minor in English education is designed for anyone looking to teach at the middle or secondary education levels.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The entrepreneurship minor will help you examine the technical aspects of your product and how to commercialize it.

Environmental Engineering

If you’re dedicated to protecting the environment, reducing waste, and minimizing pollution, earn a degree in environmental engineering and help develop…

Environmental Horticulture

If you enjoy helping plants grow, thrive, and change landscapes, a degree in environmental horticulture may be your ideal choice.

Environmental Science

The environmental science minor provides a broad understanding of the relationship of humans to the environment and the processes that occur in the natural…

Environmental Science and Conservation

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Conservation at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville will help you build the skills and knowledge required to…

Ethnic Studies

Develop as global citizens through the comparative and multidisciplinary study of history, geography, politics, sociology, and economics of communities who have been…

Film Studies

If you love to analyze and discuss films, you can add a minor in film studies to your English major or any other major at UW-Platteville.


A bachelor of business administration degree in finance opens the door to a rewarding career in corporate finance, banking, or investment.

Fine Arts

Grow your creative and critical thinking skills as you prepare for an art career in a fast-paced, global culture.

Forensic Investigation

Forensic investigation is one of the fastest-growing specializations in the discipline of criminal justice, and UW-Platteville is the first and only public…


A minor in French provides intellectual development and enhanced communication skills to any undergraduate major.

French Education

The minor in French education is designed for anyone looking to teach at the middle or secondary education levels.

Gay and Lesbian Studies

The gay and lesbian studies certificate focuses on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and gender-related issues.

Geographic Information Systems

The minor in geographic information systems examines current trends in geospatial technology, computerized mapping, digital image processing, and spatial…


As a geography student at UW-Platteville, you’ll explore the physical earth and how the interaction between people and the environment shapes our world,…

Geotechnical Engineering Certificate

Learn to analyze, design, and meet bearing capacities of shallow or deep foundations, and to design reinforced concrete for shallow or deep foundations.


The German program at UW-Platteville will allow you to explore the theory of German sounds with practical training in pronunciation as well as political,…

German Education

The German education program at UW-Platteville will allow you to explore the theory of German sounds with practical training in pronunciation as well as…

Health and Human Performance

Follow a career path that lets you share your interest in enhancing health, fitness, mental well-being, and quality of life with a degree in health and human…


As a UW-Platteville history student, you’ll make your passion for the past the foundation of your future success.

Human Resource Management

Employees are a company’s most valuable resource. They’re the firm’s ability to generate new products, serve its customers, and ultimately survive.

Human Resource Management Certificate

Build the knowledge to staff an organization, train and pay employees, maintain a safe and healthy work environment, and deal with labor unions.

Industrial Control Systems Technology

The industrial controls systems technology minor will allow problem-solvers to apply ladder logic and programming to perform specific tasks and operations.

Industrial Engineering

Receive a well-rounded education that lets you start your career ready to make a difference with a degree in industrial engineering.

Industrial Technology Management

A bachelor’s degree in industrial technology management will allow you to explore topics in building construction management, building construction safety…

Integrated Marketing

Marketing has evolved into a technical discipline that requires a deep understanding of persuasion, analysis, and media management.

Integrated Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is one of the fastest growing and most valuable areas of business.

Law Certificate

The rules governing how we live and work are increasingly complicated, with new issues and laws changing regularly in this digital age.

Leadership and Human Performance Certificate

Learn to lead and motivate employees, work effectively in teams, successfully manage conflict, and continuously improve the quality of an organization’s product and/…


With a bachelor of business administration degree in management from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, you can do just about anything.

Marketing Certificate

Gain the tools to anticipate and manage consumer demand by analyzing distribution, production, promotion and price planning.

Marketing Strategy & Visual Communication

The marketing strategy and visual communication minor blends the creative, strategic, and technology aspects of marketing management.

Master of Science in Applied Biotechnology

Whether your experience is in healthcare, agriculture, or manufacturing, you can earn your Master of Science in Applied Biotechnology online and advance your career.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Whether you’re just entering a criminal justice career or want to advance in the field, the online Master of Science in Criminal Justice will allow you to match your…

Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Cyber threats are more than a business issue; they are a national security issue.

Master of Science in Engineering

This technical program draws on your existing knowledge of engineering theory and mathematics, as well as practical engineering experience.

Master of Science in Healthcare Administration

Develop strategic leadership and decision making skills as you learn to evaluate operational performance within diverse healthcare organizations.

Master of Science in Information Systems Management

People may be the heart of an organization, but the effective flow and management of data is ultimately what keeps the organization healthy.

Master of Science in Integrated Supply Chain Management

This program examines the interplay and coordination of business, industrial studies, and engineering, all of which play vital roles in the increasingly complex…

Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership

Cultivate your change leadership skills, drive positive change and enable organizational innovation in your workplace.

Master of Science in Project Management

Achieve success by leading complex projects, cultivating relationships, and managing the ‘triple constraints’ of time, budget, and scope of project.

Master of Science in Strategic Management

This program will prepare you to systematically evaluate a firm’s external and internal environments to produce a range of responses to capture value for the firm.


As a mathematics student at UW-Platteville, you’ll develop your analytical skills, enhance your problem-solving abilities, and discover the tools you need…

Mathematics for Middle Level Teachers

If you wish to pursue teaching as a career, you can add a minor in mathematics for middle level teachers.

Mathematics in Secondary Education

A minor in mathematics in secondary education will prepare you to teach either middle school or high school mathematics courses.

Mechanical Engineering

Earning a degree in mechanical engineering will allow you to design, develop, build and test everything from small individual parts and devices, like…

Metals Processing Technology

The metals processing technology minor explores the various properties of metal, the different varieties of metal, and the basic processes to shape, mold,…

Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence Education

The Middle Childhood - Early Adolescence Education program at UW-Platteville will prepare you to become resourceful, creative, and a competent teacher,…


Develop your talent and ability as a musician, gain a thorough understanding of the elements and history of music, discover related business or arts…

Musical Theatre

Explore the topics of theatre, stagecraft, acting, musicals, and more with a minor in musical theatre.

Occupational Safety

The occupational safety minor focuses primarily on safety practices in manufacturing and construction.

Organizational Change Leadership Certificate

Lead organizational change with the tools, knowledge, and skills to meet the challenges of today's ever-changing workplace.


Learn to think critically and rigorously, develop genuine insights and examine the most fundamental questions in life with the philosophy program.

Plastics Processing Technology

The plastics processing technology minor provides the chance to learn about the properties of various plastic materials, how plastic parts are manufactured…

Political Science

Broaden your knowledge and appreciation of politics, political thought, and governance in the political science program at UW-Platteville.


People of all ages are becoming increasingly interested in integrative or complementary healthcare as a way to improve health and treat pain.


Study cell structure and function in order to provide physicians with preliminary diagnosis of diseases.


Dentistry is the science or profession concerned with the teeth and associated structures of the mouth and involves the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment…


The UW-Platteville pre-law program is designed to help you make sound decisions and achieve success with a career in law.

Pre-Medical Technology

The field of medical technology or clinical laboratory science is the medical application of the basic sciences in laboratory medicine.


As a medical doctor you can prevent, diagnose, treat, and cure disease in your patients.


Professional ministry as a pastor, rabbi, youth leader, teacher, or parish worker requires that you be aware of everything that touches the lives of people…


Nurses meet the physical and emotional needs of patients in a broad range of settings while providing care prescribed by a physician.

Pre-Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a vital healthcare service that uses purposeful activity as the basis for treatment and prevention of a wide variety of physical,…


Optometry is the branch of health services concerned with the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions or impairments of the vision system.


Osteopathic medicine is one of two medical fields fully licensed and approved for the delivery of complete medical care.


Ever wonder how to become a pharmacist? The University of Wisconsin-Platteville can set you on the right path. 

Pre-Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a dynamic healthcare profession.

Pre-Physician Assistant

A physician assistant is a healthcare professional who functions as an extension of a physician and provides a wide range of medical services.


Podiatry is the area of medicine concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders affecting the human foot and ankle.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine applies modern medical science to the care of animals.

Production and Manufacturing Management

The production and manufacturing management minor is available to business and engineering majors who are looking for a manufacturing perspective to their…

Professional Sales

Prepare for a successful sales career with the only sales major offered in the region, a bachelor of business administration degree in professional sales from UW-…

Project Management Certificate

The online Project Management certificate addresses the various process groups and knowledge areas of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (


An applicable background for many professions, psychology studies thought, emotion, and behavior while investigating the causes and dynamics of behavior…

Reclamation, Environment and Conservation

The reclamation, environment, and conservation program at UW-Platteville prepares you to restore and manage degraded habitats and ecosystems.

Secondary Education

The Secondary Education program at UW-Platteville will prepare you to effectively teach the subject area of your choice.

Social and Environmental Justice

Commit to addressing the world’s major challenges of poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, war, slavery, and human and environmental degradation with the…

Social Sciences Comprehensive

UW-Platteville’s social sciences comprehensive program provides a broad liberal arts education through the study of economics, history, geography, psychology,…


Study society and its component parts, groups, cultures, norms, roles, and their institutional and organizational relationships with a minor in sociology.

Software Engineering

Gain extensive practical experience in design and development of software systems as a software engineering student.

Soil and Crop Science

Soil and crop science, also known as agronomy, focuses on practices that produce economically and environmentally sustainable crops for human consumption,…


Explore the Spanish language and Hispanic culture with the UW-Platteville Spanish program.

Spanish Education

Explore the Spanish language and Hispanic culture with the UW-Platteville Spanish program.

Special Education/Inclusion

The special education/inclusion minor gives students experience with special needs in a classroom.

Sports Management

A minor in sports management combines the knowledge, skills and dispositions of business and health promotion.


If you enjoy working with data, you can pursue a minor in statistics and prepare to work with data visually, analyze data, and create models that relate different…

Strategic Management Certificate

Don’t just respond to the environment; create it!

Structural/Geotechnical Engineering Certificate

Learn about Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) design of steel structures and dynamics of structures, and LRFD design codes and methodologies.

Sustainability & Renewable Energy Systems

The study of sustainability and renewable energy systems addresses the concerns of world resources, including energy and renewable energy, and their social…

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

The teaching English to speakers of other languages program provides professional knowledge and skills necessary to teach non-English speakers in the United…

Technology Education

Through the technology education program, you’ll study professional education and technology as you prepare to become certified to teach technology…


Explore the topics of acting, directing, voice, movement, stagecraft, design, theatre styles, history, critical theory, and dramatic literature with a minor…

Women's and Gender Studies

The women’s and gender studies program will allow you to develop interdisciplinary critical thinking and analytical skills, examine personal and social…


Explore complex problems and communicate ideas effectively to a variety of audiences with an undergraduate certificate in writing.

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