World-class academic opportunities at UW-Platteville

UW-Platteville offers a comprehensive array of undergraduate and graduate programs, delivered face-to-face and online, to suit virtually any interest and career goal. You’ll earn a degree that lets you enjoy a fulfilling and successful future in a field you love.

Majors, Minors, and Certificates

Search over 50 undergraduate and 10 graduate majors, 60 minors, 15 pre-professional programs, and 30 certificates. Not sure what program you want to major in? At UW-Platteville, we have academic advisors, who will help you explore your options.

Top reasons to get your degree at UW-Platteville

  • Expert professors get to know you and offer help when you need it
  • Small classes let you focus on learning and make new friends
  • Hands-on learning early in your program teaches practical skills
  • Internship opportunities provide real-life experience
  • Low tuition lets you start your professional life with less debt