Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville! This page is dedicated to helping you understand the processes and procedures for move-in, move-out, and break information for the residence halls on campus.

Spring 2023 Move-in Dates

New Freshmen and Transfer Students
Thursday, January 19 through Sunday, January 22
10 a.m.–2 p.m. on all days

Continuing Students
Thursday, January 19 at 10 a.m.
Residence halls open for continuing students

Welcome Weekend move-in crew
  • There are FIVE easy things we would like you to complete prior to coming to campus.

    1. Print out the Pioneer Packing List
    2. Connect with your roommate
    3. Reserve your loft (after chatting room setup with your roomie)
    4. Print out the Move-In Checklist
    5. Review Moving In Basic Instructions (under Move-In Day)

    Additional items

    Fill out the Personal Data Form which contains insurance information, allergy information, and medication list in case of an emergency. For ease during move in weekend, make sure to bring this completed form with you for check-in.

    If you need to move in prior to the scheduled day, please submit the Early Arrival Sign Up Form


  • Ready to get settled in your new home-away-from-home? Be sure to check your uwplatt.edu email for up-to-date information on move-in times, traffic patterns, and specific instructions from your residence hall prior to arriving to campus.

    Moving In Basic Instructions

    Upon arrival to the front of your residence hall, here are the top five things to expect:

    1. Signage, cones, and staffing: Pay attention to residence hall personnel and posted signage. Following the instructions for move-in assists in making the process easier for everyone involved.  Please abide by directional signage, as well as check-in points your residence hall may have.
    2. Drop-off zones: Many residence halls utilize “drop-off zones” where residents unpack their personal items into a specified area. Once your vehicle is unpacked, staff will direct you to the closest parking lot to move your vehicle. These zones are limited to 15-minute parking during move-in weekend.
    3. Check-in stations: All check-in stations must be completed by the student. This may include signing for your room key, turning in your Personal Data Form, and signing up for a Residence Hall Activity Membership.
    4. Room/Suite condition: All residents are responsible for any room/community damages that occur between check-in of their room, and check-out of their room.  All rooms are inspected by residence hall staff prior to your arrival.  This is your opportunity to assess the condition of your space as well.
    5. Move-in: Once unpacked into the drop-off zone, check-in stations are complete, and your room is assessed, you can then return to your personal items and begin moving them into your space.

    Suggestions to make move-in day easier

    • Be patient with parking and traffic, as campus will be very busy.
    • Staff are available throughout these designated times, so it is not necessary to arrive at the earliest possible time.
    • If you have chosen to rent a loft through the information mailed to you in the assignment packet, you must pick up the loft during the same time frame.
    • Tools are provided via the front desk, however it is a busy day. Bring Allen wrenches and/or a socket wrench set with you, if you are able.
    • Be prepared for the weather. Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated, and tarps in the event of rain.

    Welcome Weekend

    Move-in day is an exciting time on campus and kicks off the start of Welcome Weekend, a celebration of all new students that is filled with fun activities to help you get connected and develop your own community. Learn more about Welcome Weekend.

  • Academic Breaks

    Specific opening and closing information for academic breaks can be found by using the Residence Hall Break Schedule. You can stay up to date by checking your email for more information or discussing your break plans with your resident assistant.

    Summer Lodging

    Summer lodging for students is available with week-to-week contracting.  Stay anytime throughout the summer.  Students do not need to be taking summer courses or working on campus to stay. A student can sign-up for Summer Housing in Southwest Hall via their Housing/Meals tile in their PASS account.

    Summer residents who will be continuing into fall housing, or moving off campus for the first semester, will be asked to move into their fall housing assignment or vacate Southwest Hall in early August. 

    Summer Storage

    Don’t take it home if you don’t have to! Summer storage of non-necessity items is available for residents living on campus from spring semester to the following fall.

    Residents will be able to sign-up for the summer storage program by logging into and signing up via SharePoint. Registration is typically available after spring break.

  • If you are withdrawing from or leaving the university due to study abroad, student teaching, co-op, internship, military service or graduation, no matter what time of year it is, you will need to arrange a checkout appointment with your resident assistant (RA).

    Express checkout

    Please inform your RA of the departure time and utilize the express checkout process in your residence hall. Envelopes are available for express checkout in the lobbies of each hall or by asking a residence hall staff member.

    All students checking out through the express checkout system will have the room inspected after all students in a room have vacated the space. Damages found during the checkout inspection will be assessed to the student's account and will be emailed to the student for their records. Typical damage costs can be found here.

    Checkout information will be shared with you through email, social media, hall postings, and wing/floor meetings with residence life staff. You are encouraged to ask questions if you’re unsure about any part of the process.

    You will also be asked to go onto your PASS account to update your address so all mail will be forwarded to the correct address.

Contact Information

Residence Life

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