UW-Platteville’s Animal House post educational videos for community members

Authored on: Apr 04, 2020, Written by: Ruth Wendlandt
The public is receiving a first-hand virtual look at how UW-Platteville students are taking care of the different animals living in the Biology Department’s Animal House – from a Brazilian short-tailed opossum, to a Caribbean hermit crab. The educational videos and materials are being posted to the Animal House Facebook page in hopes of providing outreach to the public and teaching them more about the animals and why they are important.

flying squirrel

Biology students document a rarely seen species in Southwest Wisconsin

Authored on: Mar 03, 2020, Written by: Alison Parkins
Students and faculty at UW-Platteville are researching an animal that some Platteville residents might be surprised to learn they have in their own backyard – the southern flying squirrel.

Students researching in field with Dr. John Peterson

Students hope research brings awareness about emerging disease in snakes

Authored on: Feb 02, 2020, Written by: Alison Parkins
For the past several years, UW-Platteville students, led by Dr. John Peterson, associate professor of biology, have been researching an emerging snake fungal disease that threatens to disrupt the balance of ecosystems across the country, including in Wisconsin.

Gloria Stuckey

Pioneer Spotlight: Gloria Stuckey

Authored on: Feb 02, 2020, Written by: Ruth Wendlandt
For nearly 30 years, Gloria Stuckey has worked at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Biology Department as the laboratory manager. She assists faculty, staff and students with any questions in the lab, while supervising student employees.

Boebel Hall renovations

Boebel Hall renovations set to begin

Authored on: Jan 01, 2020, Written by: Paul Erickson
The $23.7 million Boebel Hall renovations are set to begin in the upcoming weeks. The project will renovate existing laboratory and classroom space to become instructional laboratories, preparation and support space, research and undergraduate research space and a general assignment classroom while adding stunning new looks.

Mark Levenstein

Pioneer Spotlight: Dr. Mark Levenstein

Authored on: Jan 01, 2020, Written by: Garrison Ledbury
Dr. Mark Levenstein is an assistant professor of molecular biology and biotechnology. He is also the director of the Master of Science in Applied Biotechnology program. These various titles influence Levenstein’s areas of scientific research and enable him to decipher the questions of life that have intrigued him since his childhood.

signing ceremony

UW-Platteville and Madison College formalize three agreements

Authored on: Nov 11, 2019, Written by: Bill Bessette, Madison College
In a move that will benefit students from both institutions, Madison College and UW-Platteville signed three partnership agreements today that will provide clear pathways and transfer opportunities in the areas of engineering, biotechnology and veterinary technician.

Jeff Huebschman

Pioneer Spotlight: Dr. Jeff Huebschman inspires understanding of Southwest Wisconsin’s ecology and biology

Authored on: Oct 10, 2019, Written by: Garrison Ledbury
Dr. Jeff Huebschman joined UW-Platteville in the fall of 2003. A Nebraska native, Huebschman has always enjoyed being out in nature. This love for the outdoors would soon turn into a career as he began to consider his natural surroundings on a deeper level.

Jessica Wells monitoring snakes

Wells examines reptiles, amphibians on campus through summer research program

Authored on: Jul 07, 2019, Written by: Alison Parkins

University of Wisconsin-Platteville senior Jessica Wells is spending her summer in the field pursuing her research interest as a part of UW-Platteville’s Summer Undergraduate Scholars Program.

Alex Harman

Students present research on honeybees, native pollinators and their shared habitat

Authored on: Apr 04, 2019, Written by: Kristie Chipera

Four University of Wisconsin-Platteville students are contributing to research that will assess the effects of honeybees and surrounding habitat on native pollinators. They will present their research at the 16th annual Research in the Rotunda event on Wednesday, April 17 in the capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin.

Student conducting research in lab

Students team with NASA to test limitations of polymer for cleaning aerospace equipment

Authored on: Mar 03, 2019, Written by: Abbey Pignatari

University of Wisconsin-Platteville student research teams have been experimenting to find the limitations of the First Contact™ adhesive polymer, which is already being used by NASA to clean its astronomical equipment, like telescopes, mirrors and lenses.