University policy is one of multiple types of policy that applies to employees and students. University policies apply to constituents beyond the span of authority of a single department head and impose binding obligations on faculty, students and/or staff. More information on university policy is found in the University Policy Development, Approval, and Management Policy.

University policy, by definition, should accomplish all of the following:

  • support the university's mission;
  • ensure compliance with or implement applicable law, regulation, or standards;
  • establish fundamental operational, administrative, or budgetary principles; or
  • cover any matter the chancellor deems appropriate for a university-wide policy.

University of Wisconsin System and state policies
Access the primary governance policies and procedures for the entire University of Wisconsin System or use one of the links listed below.

Unit-level policies
Check unit and department websites for unit-level policies, procedures, directives, and guidance applicable to that unit. Unit-level policies cannot conflict with University policies and do not override University policies. It’s the responsibility of all individuals to identify and familiarize themselves with all applicable policies.

For guidance on developing or revising a university-wide policy, see the policy development. Departments and units that wish to include University policies on their own website should link to the version on this site to avoid multiple (and potentially inconsistent) versions of the policy being presented throughout the website. If you are aware of a policy that has been omitted from this list or notice errors in listed university policies, please contact

  • Categories of University Policy:
  • Academic and student affairs
  • Human resources
  • Financial administration
  • Research and sponsored programs
  • Information access and technologies
  • Safety and risk management
  • Health and public safety
  • Facilities
  • General institutional
  • You may search policy by category

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