Ethics Program

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville is committed to upholding our core institutional values, including a commitment to behaving in an ethical manner and treating all people with respect.

All members of our community are expected to fulfill ethical and other professional standards at all times. Additionally, we abide by federal, state, and other regulations in addition to policies set by the UW System Board of Regents and the University.

The following workplace conduct expectations apply to all UW System employees.

  • Be fair and respectful to others.
  • Protect and preserve UW System resources.
  • Act ethically and with integrity.
  • Contribute to a healthy and safe workplace.
  • Promote a culture of compliance.

As members of the UW-Platteville community, we remain aware of the obligation to report suspected wrongdoing that adversely affects the University. UW-Platteville is committed to providing an environment that encourages the disclosure of violations of law, policy, and other standards to the UW-Platteville administration, while protecting from reprisal employees who make good-faith disclosures of suspected wrongful conduct occurring at the University.

Questions or concerns regarding a violation of the law, policy, or other standards should be discussed with your immediate supervisor. Reports can also be made to the Director of Ethics and Compliance, or through the UW System’s Reporting Hotline, which is hosted by Navex Global, a third-party hotline provider. Individuals making reports to the hotline may choose to remain anonymous.

As Pioneers, we all share the responsibility for promoting a positive and productive environment that includes ethical behavior and treating one another with respect.

Compliance program

UW-Platteville complies with multiple policies, laws, and regulations that govern its many activities. These obligations are often complex and require coordination among several departments.  The Office of Ethics and Compliance works with compliance partners across UW-Platteville to clarify obligations, coordinate and document activities, support educational efforts, and address compliance concerns.

The work of the Ethics and Compliance program staff includes updating the compliance matrix, chairing the Institutional Ethics Committee, receiving reports of concerns, reviewing policies and procedures, and promoting a culture ethics and compliance across campus.

Every employee has a responsibility to understand how their actions relate to the institution’s obligations and to take actions aligned with doing what’s right. The Office of Ethics and Compliance is available to help you identify and address any gaps in your offices, departments, schools, and programs and to be your partner in doing what’s right!

(Workplace expectations are found within UW System Workplace Conduct Expectations)

Policy Management

The Policy Directory provides access to institutional policies, manuals and handbooks, delegations of authority, and UW System and state policies.

It is the responsibility of all individuals to identify and familiarize themselves with all applicable policies.

The development of the centralized policy collection and tools is ongoing.

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Office of Ethics & Compliance

2511 Ullsvik Hall

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