The Markee Pioneer Student Center and its satellite facilities (“the Student Centers”) maintain a variety of policies to ensure our facilities, services, and programs are used safely and responsibly for the educational, cultural, and social benefit of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville community.

Our policies are intended to support our mission and the mission of the university. We balance providing outstanding services with managing and maintaining safe and welcoming environments, and to insure consistency in the delivery of our services to the campus community and guests.

Policies are reviewed in accordance with university governance procedures. Additional policies set forth by the Legislature of the State of Wisconsin, the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, and the University of Wisconsin-Platteville may apply. Questions regarding policy and policy interpretation may be sent to the Director of Student Centers.

Digital Signage

The Markee digital signage system displays information on services and events offered by registered student organizations and university organizations. Non-university organizations may also use the system to display information pertaining to their events scheduled through the Event Reservations office within Student Centers facilities.

Design Services Policies

Display Cases and Banners

Facility Use Policies

Guidelines for Charges

Information Center Posting Approvals

Reservation Policies

In order to maximize use of the student center and other event spaces, Event Reservations follows the policies below in scheduling facility use. Additional policies, such as UWS Chapter 18: Conduct on University Lands, and the Student Center Facilities Use policies, may apply to groups requesting use of university facilities. Event Reservations staff will assist you in determining which policies apply.

Contact Information

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