Who Must Be Certified

Persons must be certified if they work in the following technical areas: work on Quality Management Program contracts (QC/QA projects); sample and test aggregates, asphalt mixes, or Portland cement concrete mixes; perform compaction testing; perform profiler operations; and design asphalt mixes.

This requirement applies to project personnel working as materials technicians for the state, county, contractors, or consultants on such projects. This provision also applies to all persons working with materials sampling and testing, including professional engineers, geologists, and limited-term employees working on such projects.

Certification Requirements

All written examinations are "open book and notes" and consist of true/false, multiple choice questions, and word problems. The written exams have time limits. The laboratory practical exam is “closed book and notes” that requires a verbal description or demonstration of the prescribed AASHTO/ASTM/WisDOT Construction Materials Manual procedures. The class participant is judged on his or her ability to describe correctly or demonstrate all of the required procedures for each test method. The class participant will be allowed two attempts to successfully satisfy the requirements for the practical laboratory examination.

In the case of unethical review in the examination process, the director will use his or her best judgment in deciding on the appropriate course of action. In particular, the director may assign a failing grade to a certification candidate, and therefore refuse to award certification, in the event of cheating or similar unethical reviews.

Documentation of Certification

Upon the successful completion of the examination(s) given at the conclusion of any three-year certification training program, the participant’s name, home address, and company affiliation will be registered in the official registry of certified highway technicians for the appropriate certification level. A successful completion of the examination includes a 70% grade or higher. If the technician receives this 70% or higher exam grade, they are certified on that exam date in the appropriate certification level where they attended class/recertification exam. The Highway Technician Certification Program will update the database with grades as soon as the original exams are received in the office. There is a lag in time from the date the exam is taken and when the grade can be processed, which can be up to two weeks. The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Highway Technician Certification Program (HTCP) maintains the official registry housed in the HTCP Certification Feed. It is anticipated that many workers will hold multiple certifications. Each certified technician will be given a wallet-size I.D. card that covers all areas of certification sent out annually, after the completion of a season (approximately August timeframe).


Renewing certifications is necessary every three years. The Highway Technician Certification Program (HTCP) will email a recertification notice to the certified technician at his or her last known email address, and to the firm or agency of employment, prior to the expiration date of the highest level of certification obtained. A certified technician is responsible for obtaining recertification and must register for recertification before the expiration date of the highest certification level obtained.

a) Three-year classroom certifications will expire on July 31st of the third and final year of the certification. The Materials Coordinator’s Training (MCT) three-year online certifications will expire three years from the date the technician passes the online examination. The certification I.D. card will showcase the expiration date on the back of the card. This will allow HTCP to maintain training records and bridge any certification gaps in the third and final year of certification.

Recertification may be obtained in one of the following four (4) ways:

  1. Complete Next Level Certification Course. A certified technician can obtain recertification by enrolling and successfully completing the next level certification course.

    Prerequisite hierarchies:

    NOTE: Transportation Materials Sampling Technician (TMS), formerly Aggregate Sampling Technician, is not a prerequisite for AGGTEC-I; however, if you have the AGGTEC-I certification, you also have the TMS certification.

  2. Comprehensive Recertification Exam at a class site. A technician may attend the last day of any relevant certification course offered on the course schedule and take the comprehensive recertification examination with the class. To achieve the best results, the technician is encouraged to review the manual prior to the test date, tabbing and highlighting key topics, and getting to the exam site early.
  3. Comprehensive Recertification Exam at a remote site: This method of recertification examination is available to certified technicians at seven different sites throughout the state on specified dates. Arrangements can also be made to take exams at UW-Platteville on any pre-arranged date.
  4. Class at a reduced fee: A technician who wants to come through a class setting to recertify, can take the course at a reduced rate provided the certification has not lapsed.

As of 2020, certifications must be renewed prior to the expiration date; otherwise, the technician will be required to complete the class again at the full rate. 

NOTE, once the training schedule has ended in June for the 3-year certification course/exams no exceptions will be made for those who failed to register/complete their certification requirements. 

Revocation of Certification

Certification is deemed to be a privilege. This privilege may be revoked if the certified technician has committed acts that are detrimental to the integrity of HTCP or the construction industry in general.

Acts that could result in revocation of certification privileges:

  • Failure of a certification holder to renew the certification prior to the regular expiration.
  • Falsification of field or quality control test results or records.
  • Cheating on certification examinations.
  • Submittal of false information on certification applications.
  • Termination of an individual due to job incompetence.
  • Criminal action by an individual while engaged in construction activities.
  • Failure to follow specification prescribed sampling or testing methods.
  • Failure to pass a reexamination of written and practical skills.
  • Failure to pay HTCP certification course tuition fees.
  • Falsification of HTCP certificates or I.D. cards.

Any individual, firm, agency or contractor associated with HTCP may report a deficiency by a certified technician. The first response must be a written letter to the director of HTCP. The director of the HTCP will follow the current adopted revocation of certification policy with consultation by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Chief Materials Engineer.

Students with Disabilities

Registrants with a disability and those who have special needs should notify the director of HTCP at the time of registration so that appropriate accommodations can be made.


No registrant may be denied certification, or have certification revoked, because of the registrant's age, race, creed, color, handicap, sex, sexual orientation, developmental disability, national origin, ancestry, marital status, arrest record or conviction record.

Certification of an individual by HTCP indicates only that the individual has demonstrated a certain level of competence in a written or practical examination in a selected field of activity. WisDOT may require this certification of individuals performing activities specified in work contracts or other activities. WisDOT, HTCP, and UW-Platteville make no claims regarding the abilities or competence of certified individuals.

Each individual or organization utilizing certified individuals must make their own independent judgment of the competence of certified individuals. WisDOT, HTCP, and UW-Platteville specifically disclaim any responsibility for the actions, or the failure to act, of individuals who have been certified through HTCP.

Requirements for Registration

Please check for any prerequisite or work experience required for a course at HTCP’s website under the “Course Info” tab. Registration is available online through the HTCP office. The size of each class will be limited.

Class/Exam Cancellation Policy

  • If inclement weather occurs during a HTCP class/exam, typically the class/exam will remain open. As with any inclement weather event, please use your own judgment and consider your personal safety before deciding to attend class/exam. If your decision is not to attend class due to weather, please communicate and update the HTCP office on your attendance as soon as possible. 
  • Any/All HTCP classes/exams are subject to cancellation due to low registrant enrollment. If this occurs the HTCP office will reach out to the registrants to inform them of the cancellation and work with options and/or next steps.

Refund Policy

  • A $30 payment by credit card will be required per cancellation, substitution, or reschedule if it is requested more than 10 working days before a beginning course date.
  • A $100 late drop fee will be charged to a registrant for canceling a course within 10 working days of a beginning course date.
  • No registration fees will be refunded within five (5) working days of the beginning course date.
  • The fee for Comprehensive Recertification Exams, Materials Coordinator’s Training (MCT), and the Assistant Certified Technician (ACT) Program will not be refunded.

Please note that classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment or severe weather conditions.