The Assistant Certified Technician (ACT) program is part of the Highway Technician Certification Program, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the highway construction industries.

The current ACT courses include Transportation Materials Sampling, Aggregate, Hot Mix Asphalt, Portland Cement Concrete, Concrete Strength Tester, Nucdensity, and Grading.

Becoming ACT Certified

To be admitted to the Assistant Certified Technician (ACT) program, you must have a minimum level of skills from on-the-job-training that will ensure you successfully complete the course and pass the exam conducted by your employer’s in-house certified technician instructor.

You will need to indicate who your instructor will be and who your mentor (supervising certified technician advisor) will be upon registering for the ACT program. Both the instructor and mentor must hold an active three-year certification of the ACT subject area. The instructor and mentor can be the same person; however, the mentor can only have one ACT technician serving underneath him or her for each active three-year certification he or she holds.

Once a registration has been received, the HTCP office will email the appropriate materials. The instruction for the ACT course will be performed by your employer’s in-house instructor who is a certified three-year technician. This review is to cover all materials in the manual.

You will need to demonstrate the required laboratory techniques to your employer’s in-house instructor. The online exam will indicate understanding of the fundamentals of the certification. On-the-job-training, review of the course work, and completion of the online and laboratory exams will take place at your organization.

For course completion, you must pass the online exam with a 70% or higher, submit the signed acknowledgement agreement, and your completed laboratory exam to the HTCP office by email at The company with the ACT registration must also adhere to the 20% cap for ACT registrations based on their active three-year certifications with the organization. Certification is not valid until you receive your emailed completion notice from the HTCP office and the certification appears on your record within the HTCP Certification Feed.

Obtaining Certification

Once you are certified, you may work as an ACT technician in the subject area completed at any location in Wisconsin.

The ACT certification period will be valid from the date that the exam materials (exam and laboratory) and acknowledgement agreement are received by the HTCP office and all requirements are successfully met to the end of the current calendar year. Field data obtained by the ACT technician will be signed and submitted by the supervising certified technician advisor (mentor) as if it were his or her own work.

If a certified technician becomes dissatisfied with the performance of the ACT technician working for him or her, the certified technician may request the ACT technician to be relieved from his or her position. Upon written request, the HTCP director will provide technical assistance in investigating decertification of an ACT technician.

Participation of an ACT technician is limited to one term (Exception: 2nd term will only be issued if proof of enrollment in a current two/four-year Civil Technology/Engineering or Building Construction Management program is submitted to HTCP at the time of ACT registration). No more than one ACT technician may report to an individual certified technician mentor. The ACT certification course is registered/administered through the company and is tied directly to the company. The ACT certification is void if the ACT technician leaves the company where it was earned. Companies must adhere to the 20% cap for ACT registrations based on their active three-year certifications with the organization.

Fees and Refunds

HTCP Assistant Certified Technician Program Fees

Course Course Fee
Per Person
ACT-Aggregate $325  
ACT-Hot Mix Asphalt $325 Prerequisite: ACT-AGG or AGGTEC-I
ACT-Concrete Strength Tester $325  
ACT-Portland Cement Concrete $325  
ACT-Grading $325  
ACT-Nucdensity $325  
ACT-Transportation Materials Sampling $325  
Manual $50 A PDF copy of the manual is included with the online course materials. A hard copy of the manual can be purchased by contacting us at


  • A $30 payment by credit card will be required per substitution. Please contact the HTCP Office at 608.342.1545 for arrangements.
  • No refunds will be issued for ACT registrations.
  • ACT Registrations are not transferable to other HTCP 3-Year Certification Class/Exam registrations.
  • ACT Registrations/payments are not transferrable to future training seasons.


A payment by credit card is required at the time of registration for all of the ACT certifications called out above.

Revocation/Suspension of Certification:

HTCP technicians, in taking an active role within the engineering and construction community, accept an obligation to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. The impacts on society, of the work performed and on products being produced, ultimately involve the safety and welfare of the traveling public.

Practicing ethical decision-making is a responsibility that comes with certification. Technicians/students are accountable for agency, industry, and higher learning academic standards and values. Participants will conduct themselves professionally, honorably, responsibly, lawfully, and ethically. Technicians/students are expected to represent traits such as honesty, compliance, data integrity, confidentiality, and fairness, while identifying conflicts of interest and avoiding intentional deceptive acts.