The Highway Technician Certification Program, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the highway construction industries, offers a variety of different ways to become certified in specialized areas.

  • Becoming Certified
    The following options include a three-year certification that begins once the technician has completed the course; demonstrated the required laboratory techniques (if applicable); and passed the exam, which indicates an understanding of the fundamentals of the specialized area.

    HTCP On-Site Classes
    HTCP provides options for those who are new to the program or returning technicians who are looking to renew their certifications.

    Options include the following:

    • Class: Taking the class for the first time.
    • Certification Renewal Course: Renewing a certification by taking the class again at a reduced fee.
    • Certification Renewal Exam: Renewing a certification by attending the last day of class and taking the renewal exam.
    • Comprehensive Examination (at designated sites): Allows a technician to take two exams for certification renewal. Look for the course offering called Comprehensive Exam.

    The current courses included in the on-site options include the following 12 certifications:

    • Aggregate: TMS, AGGTEC-I, ATTS
    • Asphalt: HMA-IPT, HMA-TPC, HMA-MD
    • Concrete: CST, PCCTEC-I, PCCTEC-II
    • General: NUCDENSITYTEC-I, GRADINGTEC-I, Profiler

    *Passing grade of 70% needed to become certified.*

    These certifications expire on July 31st of the third and final year of certification. Technicians are responsible for keeping track of their active certifications and coming back through the program to keep their certifications active. As of 2020, certifications must be renewed prior to the expiration date; otherwise, technicians will be required to complete the class again at the full rate.

    Online Classes:
    HTCP also provides alternative methods of certifications via online modules. This certification is for those new to the program and/or returning technicians that are looking to renew the specific certification listed below.

    The current course included in the online module include the following certification:

    • Materials Coordinator Training – (MCT)

    *Passing grade of 70% needed to become certified.*

    Please note starting January 2020 there is only one version of the Materials Coordinator Training (MCT) available. If you have obtained the MCT-D (Department) or MCT-C (Contractor) certifications in the past, the new MCT certification in 2020 will satisfy the recertification for both.

    The average amount of time needed to complete the course is dependent on many factors including previous highway construction experience, WisDOT specification and CMM familiarity, comprehensive reading speeding, and preference in using the audio/reading feature.

    *Passing grade of 70% needed to become certified.*

    This certification will expire on the date the exam was passed of the third and final year of the certification. The technician is accountable to ensure they are keeping track of their active certifications and coming back through the program to keep certifications active.

  • A payment by credit card is required at the time of registration for all of the three-year certifications called out above.

  • HTCP Technicians, in taking an active role within the engineering and construction community, accept an obligation to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. The impacts on society, of the work performed and on products being produced, ultimately involves the safety and welfare of the traveling public.

    Practicing ethical decision-making is a responsibility that comes with certification. Technicians/students are accountable for agency, industry, and higher learning academic standards and values. Participants will conduct themselves professionally, honorably, responsibly, lawfully and ethically. Students/technicians are expected to represent traits such as honesty, compliance, data integrity, confidentiality, and fairness, while identifying conflicts of interest and avoiding intentional deceptive acts.

    Your work involves being a trustee/agent for the public. Violation of that trust is not taken lightly and has consequences. Cheating the system undermines the credibility and work of others. Additionally, non-performance of prescribed duties results in negative monetary adjustments affecting companies, employers, co-workers, and causes unnecessary delays.

    Upon written request from any individual, firm, agency, or contractor associated with the HTCP, the HTCP director will provide technical assistance in investigating any alleged report(s) of either certified technician incompetence or act(s) of malfeasance. The HTCP director will then notify WisDOT, BTS-Materials Manager, to report findings concerning certified technician incompetence or misconduct.

Materials Information Tracking

The HTCP Certification List is updated weekly and forwarded to Atwood Systems. If an individual’s name does not appear in MIT, refresh the list by clicking the “UPDATES” button and select “REFERENCE DATA”. This will update all the reference data in the Materials Information Tracking system, including the Certified Testers List.


View the Class certification schedule for the current season

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  • Course Course Fee Per Person Certification Renewal Course Fee Per Person Recertification or Comprehensive Exam Fee Per Person Notes
    MCT $150 N/A N/A Includes online materials and exam.
    TMS $325 $275 $275 Replaces Aggregate Sampling
    AGGTEC-I $725 $362.50 $275 Replaces AGGTEC-IPP
    ATTS $550 $275 $275 Prerequisite: AGGTEC-I
    HMA-IPT $800 $400 $275 Prerequisite: AGGTEC-I
    HMA-TPC $550 $275 $275 Prerequisite: HMA-IPT
    HMA-MD $800 $400 $275 Prerequisite: HMA-IPT
    CST $325 $275 $275  
    PCCTEC-I $550 $275 $275 ACI $100 discount on course fee if technician has earned ACI Grade I Certification within the past three years. Contact HTCP for registration.
    PCCTEC-II $800 $400 $275 Prerequisite: PCCTEC-I
    PROFILER $400 $275 $275  
    GRADINGTEC-I $725 $362.50 $275  
    NUCDENSITYEC-I $425 $275 $275  
    Manual       $50 - The course manual is included in the registration fee and will be distributed the first day of class. Additional manuals may be purchased by contacting HTCP.


    A $30 payment by credit card will be required per cancellation, substitution, or reschedule. A $100 late drop fee will be charged for cancelling a course within 10 working days of a beginning courses date. No registration fees will be refund within five (5) working days of the beginning of a course date.

    No refunds will be issued for comprehensive examination fees.