Due to the elevated COVID-19 cases, the DOA has cancelled all face-to-face meetings/trainings. This cancellation has impacted the 2021 HTCP Training Season. With that being said HTCP has paused the posting of the training schedule and registrations (with the exceptions of ACT and MCT course offerings—registration is still available online).

If you need to register for a three-year certification class/exam, please check back in January. HTCP will be working in November/December to determine steps and will be developing a potential virtual training program for the 2021 Winter/Spring months. If you have already registered for a class/exam, please be patient as we work out the details and will be in touch with the new schedule details.  

If you have questions, please contact the HTCP Office at 608.342.1545 or htcp@uwplatt.edu.


The Highway Technician Certification Program’s schedule showcases the current season’s class and comprehensive (recertification) exam events. Below you will find a link with the most up to date schedule feed of class and comprehensive exam availability. The feed showcases space availability with the registration deadlines, please use this when planning for registration. Once a class or a comprehensive exam site is full, you will need to find alternative opportunities that are still available to ensure your spot, however, you are also welcome to add yourself to the wait-list within the HTCP Registration Portal. The season’s schedule will be posted September 1st with registration officially opening on October 1st, prior to each season