Your first year at UW-Platteville is an opportunity to explore and develop your identity and direction for the future, but it can also be challenging. The university is committed to creating a safe environment conducive to learning, engagement, and personal growth.

To find a successful path as you transition to the university, you will benefit from building relationships, learning about campus resources, and discovering and developing your academic and social skills. Academic Support Programs is dedicated to creating opportunities for you to develop those skills that are necessary to successfully complete this journey.

Several opportunities are available through First Year Experience, including:

  • Professional Advisors are assigned to many first-year students to assist them in choosing and registering for courses, understanding your major and general education requirements, and finding answers to other general questions, in addition to providing some academic coaching services.
    • 75% of first-year students will be assigned a professional advisor/coach. Students who have faculty advisors can still request coaching from Academic Support Programs if their advisor has not been certified as an academic coach.
  • Academic Coaching sessions with professional staff are available to you to discuss time management, study skills, utilizing a planner, talking to professors, and more. Family members interested in connecting their student with services can use this online form to request a coaching appointment for their student.
  • A First Year Experience Course is required for first-year students. This one-credit course covers topics in academic success skills, time management, diversity, campus resources, and university academic policies.
  • Academic Intervention is a program that allows faculty and staff who are concerned about a student's academic progress to connect these students with Academic Support Program staff for academic coaching.
  • Student Academic Success Seminars are peer-led presentations on a variety of topics, such as dealing with home sickness and various campus technologies.
  • The Parent Connection is a newsletter providing specific monthly information for parents to help their student transition to his or her new role as a college student. Sign up for the newsletter.
  • Campus Resources is a list of student resources available at UW-Platteville. Students are encouraged to "Find their 5" to help them on their path to success. This can be a person (like an advisor or faculty member), a program (like Academic Support Programs), or even an organization or student group that they can connect with during their time at UW-Platteville.

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