Available to all UW-Platteville students, Writing Center appointments are free, one-to-one sessions with experienced peer writers trained to consult on assignments in any discipline and other writing-related projects.

Your tutor will respond to your writing and questions as a critical reader and peer, identifying what is working and what can be improved, helping you plan your revisions, and discussing important principles of writing.

Students can meet with a tutor at any stage of the writing process, from understanding the prompt, through drafting and editing, to interpreting professor feedback. Tutors also work with students to develop research and citation skills for college level writing in any discipline.


Check out what our students have said about our writing assistance:

“I had a wonderful time presenting one of my writing pieces to my writing tutor. She was very welcoming, and I never felt judged at any point for what I wrote. She gave me honest and good feedback about my piece that was very helpful for me.”
-Freshman, English/Secondary Education

“My tutor was professional and also approachable. Her comments were helpful and helped improve my paper with results that were successful.”
-Senior, Fine Arts

Current students: learn more about making an appointment with the writing center.