We believe education is transformative — empowering the UW-Platteville to become engaged global citizens and leaders. We champion an equitable university that is inclusive and representative of our diverse communities. We act courageously and openly, with respect for the knowledge and experience of others. We implement our values together with committed staff, faculty and community members to nurture, develop, and advocate for students.

Mission Statement

The mission of Student Access and Academic Support is to foster a diverse environment that contributes to an inclusive culture and climate by promoting critical discourse and meaningful interactions between all members of our campus community.

Vision Statement

We strive to create a campus that:

  • provides access and support for underserved populations;
  • has an inclusive and just culture;
  • values understanding, compassion, and acceptance;
  • is committed to the ideals of social justice;
  • prepares students for global citizenship;
  • and is collaborative, safe, and respectful.

Departments within Student Access and Academic Support