At UW-Platteville, we pride ourselves on providing students with hands-on, practical experiences to prepare them for the workforce, like our senior design projects that pair a group of students with an industry partner to solve real problems or create new products. Under the supervision of both an industry advisor and UW-Platteville faculty member, students will explore all aspects of the project, from creative development and project management to engineering ethics, product safety, copyrights and patents, robust engineering, and more. At the end of the semester, students present their results to their industry sponsor, many of whom have in the past adopted and implemented concepts from the project. Students also showcase their projects through formal presentations and posters at the Senior Design Open House.

Student Benefits

  • Active problem analysis: Students develop brainstorming, problem solving, and benchmarking skills. 
  • Design analysis: Students design processes, standards, and experiments, and use leading CAD and analysis software.
  • Innovation: Students gain exposure to intellectual property, patent, and copyright law essentials.
  • Teamwork: Many of the students’ design projects are performed as a team, and some involve interdisciplinary projects and teams. This experience of collaborative problem-solving, respectful interaction, and coordination to achieve a shared goal, allows engineers-to-be to develop important teamwork skills valued by employers.
  • Strong communication skills: Students present their ideas in writing and in oral presentations and use graphic and multimedia tools in the design process to create project posters, presentation visuals, and reports.
  • Project management:  Student project managers develop the organizational and people skills needed to build trust and communication among all of the project's members.
  • Improved marketability: By having real-world engineer responsibilities, students improve their marketability in the workforce upon graduation.
  • Work with a potential employer: Throughout the experience, students are exposed to the client’s products, engineering practices, and work culture, allowing them to learn more about how to work with a potential employer.

Industry Partner Benefits

  • Dedicated team of students and faculty advisor to work on your project
  • Opportunity to work with, mentor, and train potential future employees
  • Support of a hands-on education for students
  • Gain a new perspective on design challenges
  • Build brand recognition on campus

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