New engineering students at UW-Platteville will be admitted directly into their major of choice (Civil EngineeringElectrical EngineeringEngineering PhysicsEnvironmental EngineeringIndustrial EngineeringMechanical Engineering, or Software Engineering.) If a student is unsure about which major they want to pursue, they can declare a major of "General Engineering-Undecided". These students may remain a "General Engineering" student while they investigate different options and decide on a degree-granting major. Once they have decided on a major, they simply need to talk to their advisor or the Registrar about changing their declared major.

Most engineering programs require or encourage students to take some coursework classified as "General Engineering" which have a GENENG catalog designation. These courses cover core topics that are useful in many areas of engineering. The General Engineering courses are administered by different engineering programs. Questions about these courses can be directed to the General Engineering Coordinator, Dr. Andrew Pawl, by emailing

Test-Out Exams

Certain General Engineering courses allow students who feel they have adequate preparation from high school coursework in that area to attempt a "test-out" to obtain credit for the course. When deciding whether or not to attempt a test-out exam, please keep in mind that testing out of a course means that you must demonstrate mastery and recall of the skills that are learned in that course. Simply passing a class in high school should never be considered a guarantee that you will not need to retake that class in college.

Your performance on any placement or test-out exam is meant to serve as a measure of what you learned and can remember from your prior coursework. If you are attempting a test-out exam for a course you are currently registered in you must complete the test-out exam by the fifth day of class.

Test-out exams will consist of a final exam for the course and an appropriate lab test, where necessary.


To register for a general engineering test-out exam, contact the General Engineering Coordinator, Dr. Andrew Pawl, by emailing Please provide your name, email, phone number, and the course for which you would like to attempt to test-out.

Test-Out Exam Fees

A $20 per credit test-out fee will need to be paid before you will be allowed to take the test-out exam and is non-refundable. Cash or check payments can be paid on the day of the exam, before it begins. You will not be allowed to take the exam until the fee is paid.

Test-Out Policies

  • You may not take a test-out exam for a UW-Platteville course in which you have already been assigned a grade. However, you are still eligible to take a test-out exam for a course from which you have withdrawn.
  • You will earn credit for a course if you score 70 percent or better on the test-out exam for that course.
  • A test-out exam can only be completed once.
  • Guidelines related to test-out exams are in the UW-Platteville undergraduate catalog.

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