A Commitment to Learn, Listen, Contribute, and Transform


Statement of Intent

The College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science (EMS) at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville is committed to its people — students, faculty, staff, and administration — by establishing and enhancing programs and processes intended to ensure an inclusive culture that attracts and serves a diverse population, and succeeds in engaging and inspiring each of us in ways where equity, access, support, and compassion are a given.

We believe in diversity as an organizational value, equity as a cultural requirement, and inclusion as a cornerstone of our College and campus community.

Our Overarching Promises

  • We will recognize that the College of EMS is part of an integrated University community, and we will follow the lead of University leaders responsible for campus climate and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, while advancing their mission in ways that account for our unique academic programs and STEM-inspired culture.
  • We will examine our individual and organizational biases to identify and change any attitudes, thoughts, behaviors, curricular or operational practices, processes, and policies that leave any population of stakeholders disenfranchised, disengaged, or disrespected.
  • We will embrace the University of Wisconsin-Platteville's campus-wide decree that “Hate is not a UW-Platteville value.” We will, instead, choose respect for one another and will hold ourselves accountable for eradicating antagonism or hostility, disrespect or dismissal of our colleagues and classmates at every level and in every corner of our College.
  • We will shine a bright light of recognition on examples of DE&I progress, holding them up for all to see, celebrate, and emulate.
  • We will commit to achieving meaningful and lasting change through which everyone will feel at home in our College.
  • We will evolve together, learn from one another, and examine our individual and collective shortcomings, strengths, and opportunities as they relate to an inclusive, diverse, and equitable culture.
  • We will strive to give voice to the previously unheard, power to the previously disempowered, and agency to the previously unseen.
  • We will be better, stronger, and more impactful — individually and as a College — by seeing each other’s unique differences and by continually seeking to celebrate the ways in which we bring those differences to bear on our shared educational and research priorities.

Our DE&I Goals

When it comes to our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at the College of EMS, we believe that we must move beyond beliefs and principles ... to adopt and inhabit meaningful words and actions. Words matter and actions heal. As such, we have articulated the following goals, which we are already making progress toward achieving:


Guiding Principles and Overarching Philosophies

We believe in diversity as an organizational value, equity as a cultural requirement, and inclusion as a cornerstone of our College and campus community.

We must start where we are, acknowledging our realities, shortcomings, strengths, and opportunities.

We will take an incremental approach — which we have already begun — to making deliberate steps in this worthwhile endeavor to improve awareness, intention, and stakeholder experience.

We must build on our roots as a state school and an “access institution” to provide even more access and opportunities in broader, deeper ways to larger populations of stakeholders, while keeping the concepts of access, diversity, equity, and inclusion forever in our institutional DNA.

We will continually challenge ourselves to expand our definitions of diversity and identity, giving due attention to all those groups for whom we hope to make a meaningful difference, including students from regions with high rates of poverty, students experiencing homelessness, those with a permanent disability or chronic illness, those who are veterans or currently enlisted in the armed forces, students who identify as LGBTQ+, international students, and more.

We will hold ourselves and each other accountable for our words and behaviors such that diversity, equity, and inclusion become part of our shared values and our intentional culture.

We will follow the lead of the University as a whole, while also developing our own programs and initiatives, serving our unique population of students, faculty, and staff in the ways they desire and deserve.

We will be students of our own efforts, learning as we go, emulating best practices from other institutions, and adjusting and expanding our work in response to real results, which we will measure.

We believe that to effectively compete in the higher education marketplace, we must first collaborate — internally and externally.

We will remove barriers, open doors, and ignite conversations and possibilities at every turn.

Every day, we will be better than the day before.

A Collaborative and Integrated Approach

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion — for the students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and friends of the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville — will furthermore be a collaborative effort with an integrated approach. We will challenge leaders to lead — the Dean, with support of the Provost, at the helm; and with Associate and Assistant Deans and academic Chairs creating a “community of practice,” customizing efforts to the distinct needs of their stakeholders. Faculty, student leaders (like the student government officers), and prospect-facing teams like admissions and financial aid will have clear roles and responsibilities. We will take cues and expertise from Campus Climate and Diversity & Inclusion leaders on campus, and will form an advisory committee to take this foundational plan to its next phase, with programs and projects outlined, with key performance metrics established, and with timeframes and accountabilities made clear. We will, annually or bi-annually, update the plan and celebrate our successes and growth. We will forevermore be a College driven by a deep honor and respect for all that makes us each unique and all that binds us together.

Our Pledge

We need to be active in dismantling inequity in our own College community. We understand we have significant progress to obtain as a community before all our campus community members feel equitable respect and access to our educational mission. We are personally committed to ensuring that every student, faculty member, and staff member in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science feels valued, safe, and supported in meeting their educational and career goals. We look forward — with humility, responsibility, and honor — to doing the work necessary to create the positive change we so desperately need.

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