The Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Program at University of Wisconsin-Platteville informs and engages students, parents, and educators on issues related to gender diversity in the STEM fields in order to create a more diverse, competitive, and balanced workforce.

Our mission is to create a supportive community where women will prosper both at UW-Platteville and in their future careers. To accomplish this goal, the Women in STEM Program offers many events for both pre-college and college women.

Pre-College Programs

Several programs designed for young women and girls in fifth through twelfth grade are available for pre-college students.
Women in STEM Career Day is designed for young women in ninth through twelfth grade. The annual event allows high school women to explore STEM careers that require creative problem solving skills, encourage forward thinking, and allow them to make a difference in the world.

Pioneering Your Future in STEM is open to girls in fifth through eighth grade and inspires them to learn about STEM careers through hands-on, interactive activities that involve critical thinking, experimenting, learning the design process, and using problem-solving skills that focus on real world problems.

Girls Who Code Club, which seeks to build a supportive sisterhood of peers and role models who help girls persist and succeed in computing.

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College Programs

Many opportunities and events are also available for current students.
Women in STEM Living Learning Communities are an interactive and engaging living and learning environment Dobson Hall and Bridgeway Commons. Women who are interested in STEM fields build strong personal and academic connections with each other, UW-Platteville faculty and staff and industry professionals.

Women in STEM Mentor Program is for first-year, second-year and first-year transfer women matched to an upper class woman in STEM mentor. Mentor groups engage in social, academic and career and professional development activities. Mentees are able to have a support network and role model to help them with the transition to college life and build strong friendships with other women in STEM.

Professional Mentor Program provides junior and senior college women students in STEM majors post-graduate life skills to create a smooth transition between college and the workplace.

Women in STEM Banquet provides the perfect opportunity to networking and celebrate accomplishments of women in STEM with UW-Platteville faculty and staff and representatives from industry. The event include dinner and speeches from graduating seniors.

Plexus Women in STEM Center offers a place for students to meet, study, socialize and network.  The center offers a network of resources for current students, faculty, staff and professionals.

Affiliated Student Organizations

The following organizations offer ways for UW-Platteville students to explore potential careers in the STEM field, access educational resources, and participate in professional development activities.

Society of Women Engineers seeks to stimulate women to achieve their full potential in careers as leaders and engineers, expand the image of the engineering profession, and demonstrate the value of diversity.

Association for Computing Machinery-Women is for software engineering majors and computer science majors/minors and anyone who is interested in coding. The organization has socials, computing activities and professional development.  It is also a great way to connect with other women students and women in the field at nearby companies.