What you'll learn about sustainability and renewable energy systems at UW-Platteville

The sustainability and renewable energy field is expected to grow significantly over the next decade, and there’s never been a better time to get involved. The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Sustainability and Renewable Energy Systems program will develop your comprehensive skills to address solutions to technical, economic, and environmental challenges related to energy, efficiency, and renewable resource management.

Our renewable energy college courses provide a strong foundational knowledge in traditional and renewable energy systems and their impacts on society. At UW-Platteville, you’ll also gain hands-on experience through co-ops, internships, and senior design projects.

UW-Platteville is proud to be one of the only colleges with renewable energy programs in the United States.

Careers in sustainability and renewable energy systems

At UW-Platteville, sustainability and renewable energy systems graduates are creative problem-solvers who find careers with utility companies and energy producers, businesses, building design and construction firms, auditors, various levels of municipalities, and more. When you pursue a bachelor's degree in renewable energy or sustainability, you'll be empowered to lead the nation on a greener path toward a better and more efficient use of Earth's resources.

Some of the many career opportunities available to people with degrees in sustainability and renewable energy include the following:

  • Energy engineer
  • Energy engineer technician
  • Project manager
  • Developer for renewable energy projects (solar, wind, hydro, and nuclear)
  • Energy analyst
  • Sustainability coordinator
  • Supply chain manager
  • Green building designer
  • Building energy auditor
  • Green fuel or bioplastics scientist
  • Land manager or conservationist

Careers in sustainability and renewable energy are projected to experience higher-than-average growth in the coming years, as an increased emphasis is placed on solar, wind, and other sources of renewable energy. Professionals in this industry can expect to earn higher wages on average than in many other careers.

Discover by doing

Students have access to a variety of experiential learning opportunities and research projects, helping to prepare them for careers after graduation. These experiences are available to students who plan to major or minor in Sustainability and Renewable Energy Systems.

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We provide an interdisciplinary education that will help you build skills that can transfer between disciplines. Both inside and outside of the classroom, you will learn from professionals who have deep industry experience, and who understand the trends and challenges in the field, which will prepare you to start your career successfully.