It is the mission of Tutoring Services to provide academic support in a welcoming, nonjudgmental, and caring environment while promoting independent learning and improved academic skills. Tutoring provides an opportunity for students to engage in collaborative learning conversations that will clarify course material, increase retention of course material, improve study habits, and assist in achieving academic goals.

Tutoring Services offers individual and drop-in tutoring in a variety of courses. Learn more about the outcomes of tutoring.

Outcomes of Tutoring

Our Tutoring Services program aims for the following outcomes.

Through the tutoring process, students will:

  • Improve comprehension of course material.
  • Learn how to effectively use specific study and learning strategies.
  • Become active, independent learners.
  • Develop positive attitudes about learning.

Through the tutoring process, tutors will:

  • Reflect upon their role as a peer tutor.
  • Improve their communication skills.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the subjects they tutor.
  • Develop professional skills through their experience as a peer tutor.

Check out what our students have said about our tutoring services:

"[The tutor] explains things in different words if I don't understand the first time, helps me look over what I got wrong on quizzes, and encourages me in anything I ask about."

"Good tutor, really enthusiastic about math which is great, kinda makes me enjoy it more."