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About the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

Students who are involved in the halls spend vast amounts of time getting other students involved, planning activities, participating in events, and contributing to the overall community atmosphere. Very often these students are never thanked or recognized for their time and efforts. This is the founding principle behind the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH).

The purpose of NRHH is to provide recognition for those individuals living in the residence halls who provided outstanding service and important leadership in the advancement of the Department of Residence Life. It offers members an opportunity to continue to use their skills and qualities in developing other student leaders at UW-Platteville. Membership is limited to the top 1% of the total UW-Platteville residence hall population, and is determined by a nomination, application, and selection process.

NRHH regularly recognizes students, as well as other members of the UW-Platteville community, through Of the Months (OTMs) that are sent to the national NRHH chapter and can receive state, regional, and national recognition. Some of the other things that NRHH is involved in includes community service opportunities (ex: roadside cleanup & bingo), partnering with RHA for the fall and spring Red Cross Blood Drive, and assisting with loft rental program.

  • One way that NRHH recognizes individuals and programs on campus is through OTMs! An Of the Month (OTM) is an award given to an individual or program for showing outstanding effort in one of a number of categories for a particular month. For more information about OTMs, go to

  • NRHH members are nominated by an NRHH member, Resident Director, Senior Assistant, or Resident Assistant and are then selected through an application process (both in the fall and spring semesters). Students must have lived in the residence halls for at least two semesters and are planning to return to the halls for the following semester.

  • The Pioneer Chapter of NRHH has 4 executive positions including President, Vice President, Communications (CC), and OTM Coordinator.

  • NRHH is also comprised of four committees: Recognition – Recognizes groups (such as resident assistants, student workers, and custodians) throughout the year. OTMs – Publicizes OTMs and does a prize patrol for winners. Community Service – Creates volunteer opportunities such as the highway cleanup and the pop tab drive. Public Relations – Creates bulletin boards and publicity that broadens the awareness of NRHH on-campus as well as create opportunities for giveaways.

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