The grade point average is determined by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of credits attempted at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Grade points for a class are calculated by multiplying the points associated with the letter grade earned, and the class credits. All credits are recorded as semester hours. The grading system is:

Grade Definition Grade Points
A Excellent 4.00
A-   3.70
B+   3.30
B Good 3.00
B-   2.70
C+   2.30
C Fair 2.00
C-   1.70
D+   1.30
D Poor 1.00
F Fail 0.00

Other Grading Criteria

Grade Definition Grade Points
I Incomplete  
P Pass Equivalent to "D" or higher
W Withdrawn  
AUD Audit Satisfactory

Grading Mistakes

Grading mistakes should be rectified before the end of the ninth week of the following semester. It is the student’s responsibility to call the instructor’s attention to any error in grading as soon as possible after grades are reported. It is the instructor’s responsibility to correct grading errors.

Grades for Repeated Courses

When students repeat courses, the grade for the second attempt will replace the first grade in the grade point average. The most recent grade is used regardless of whether it is higher or lower than the previous grade.

If the repeat results in the grade of “F” and the student had previously earned a grade higher than “F,” the “F” replaces the grade in the calculation of the grade point average, and the student loses the credits since no credits are granted when a grade of “F” is earned. Grades earned in three or more attempts of a course do not replace prior grades but are included in the grade point average.

The following courses require a repeat card filed in the Registrar’s office:

  • A course that has had a number change
  • Co-ops, internships, and independent study courses
  • Courses coded as repeatable in the online catalog

Failing grades and deficiencies in grade point averages may be replaced only by taking work in residence at UW-Platteville. Grades earned in transfer coursework are not included in the UW-Platteville GPA.

Incomplete Grades

Sometimes it is appropriate, because of student illness or other unusual circumstances, to give a grade of incomplete. A student who begins a term on final probation may not receive a grade of incomplete in a course during that term without consent of the dean of the college in which the course was taken. Any incomplete grade submitted which has not been approved will be recorded as an “F.”

After a student receives an incomplete, it is the student’s responsibility to complete all work and assignments necessary to complete the class requirements within six months (26 weeks) after the end of the term in which the incomplete is recorded.

Unless a grade of incomplete is changed, or the Registrar is notified by the instructor of an extension of up to six additional months, before the end of the standard six-month time limit, the incomplete will be changed to an “F.”

Academic Misconduct Grade

In a first instance of academic misconduct as defined in Chapter 14 of the UWS Policies Governing Student Life, where the resulting course grade is an “F” or other grade, that grade will forever be calculated within the student’s semester and cumulative grade point averages and cannot be removed from that calculation.

In other words, the “F” or other grade resulting from academic misconduct is a permanent grade on the transcript. However, in a first and only instance of an “F” or other grade being issued in a course due to academic misconduct, no special designation will be made on the transcript to indicate academic misconduct.

A letter, as required by UWS Chapter 14, to inform the student and appropriate personnel of this disciplinary action, will be sent by the faculty member to the Registrar, the student’s academic advisor, the Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Vice Chancellor, the Dean of the College, and the Department Chair. The letter to the student may be delivered in person or by regular, first class service by the U.S. Postal Service to the address listed with the university by the student.

The student then has the right to appeal the grade, as per UWS Chapter 14; no misconduct grade will become permanent until a student’s appeal has been adjudicated, or the deadline to file an appeal has passed without an appeal being filed.

For a second and any subsequent instance of a student committing academic misconduct resulting in a grade of “F” for the course or other grade, the resulting grade shall also be permanent and included in grade point average calculations and shall be designated by a “-M” following the grade to indicate the grade resulted from academic misconduct. Also, following a second instance of academic misconduct resulting in a grade of “F” or other grade, the student’s first course that had a grade recorded by an “F” or other grade for academic misconduct, shall be updated to add the “-M” following that course grade. The Registrar is responsible for the updating of transcripts in accordance with this policy.

The faculty member shall follow the same procedures for notifying the student and appropriate university personnel as described for an initial instance of academic misconduct. The procedures of UWS Chapter 17 shall apply to this policy. A specific case of academic misconduct may be assigned to the Office of the Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs as specified in UWS Chapter 14.

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