The University of Wisconsin-Platteville encourage you to select classes wisely. If changes are required, though, they can be made any time after your initial registration has been completed.

Students in fully online degree programs should review the alternate information for dropping a distance learning course. If you need additional assistance with dropping a course or withdrawing from the university, contact your advisor or the Registrar's Office.

Fall and Spring Sessions

Course changes may be made using PASS self-service as follows:

  • Add a course through the 5th day of classes
  • Drop a course through the 10th day of classes
  • Students may not drop all courses (zero credits) online.

Course Drops

  • Not attending class does not constitute withdrawal from a course
  • The course drop period is the 60% point in the course length (e.g. through the 10th week for a full semester course). Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific deadline dates. Students are not permitted to drop a course after the withdrawal deadline by use of a course drop form alone. Withdrawal from a course after the deadline is allowed only under exceptional circumstances that must be fully documented and justified. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for further instructions.
  • A course dropped in the first two weeks of the semester will not appear on the academic record.
  • A course dropped after the first two weeks but prior to the drop deadline is noted on the transcript as a withdrawal with a grade of ‘WD.’ This is a non-punitive grade.
  • After the first two weeks of the semester (10th day of instruction), a $45.00 drop fee per class will be added to student accounts. Late adds require payment of $45.00 per class prior to registration once they are approved.

Course Adds

  • Courses added during the second week require the completion of an add form and signature of the instructor.
  • Courses added after the 10th day require the completion of a form, which includes the signature of the instructor and the signature of the Associate/Assistant Dean (of the student's major).

Please contact the Registrar’s Office at or call 608.342.1321.

Withdrawing from All Courses

Dropping all of your classes constitutes a withdrawal from school. A full withdrawal cannot be done in PASS.

  • If you wish to withdraw prior to the start of the semester, you may cancel your enrollment by submitting an email via your UW-Platteville email account to the Office of the Registrar or submit a written request with your signature.
  • If you wish to withdraw after the start of the semester, you must complete a withdrawal form available from the Office of the Registrar.


  • If you cancel your enrollment prior to the start of the semester, you will receive a full refund.
  • Withdrawals during the first five days of the semester = Full Refund minus $50.00
  • Withdrawals during the second week (days 6-10) of the semester = Full Refund minus $100
  • Withdrawals during the third or fourth week of the semester = 50% refund
  • Withdrawals after the fourth week of the semester = No Refund
  • In those instances, in which a student can document nonattendance at the institution after having enrolled in one or more courses, the student shall be assessed fees equal to 20% of the original fees due, reduced to resident rates, plus the late payment fee.
  • Tuition refunds are processed according to policies established by statutory provisions, the Board of Regents and administrative policy.

Summer Session

For additional dates, refer to the academic calendar.

  • The full summer session is 12 weeks. Complete add/drop deadlines are found on the academic calendar.
  • Online drop/add for full 8-week classes will be available as follows:
    • Add through the 2nd day of classes
    • Drop through the 5th day of classes
  • After the drop deadline (without 'WD') for a summer class, a drop fee of $45.00 per class will be charged.
  • The deadline for withdrawing from a course are as follows:
Course Length Withdrawal Deadline (with 'WD' noted on transcript)
4 weeks Wednesday, week 3
6 weeks Wednesday, week 4
8 weeks Friday, week 5
12 weeks Friday, week 7

Please note, these deadlines are for dropping a course. For information regarding refund deadlines, please contact the Cashier's office at 608.342.1211.

Winter Session

The Registrar's office must be notified, in writing, by the first day of class if students who are registered for Winterim wish to cancel their registration.

Dropping from a course during the first week will initiate a 100% refund.  Dropping from a course during the second week will initiate a 25% refund.

There is no refund if the notification is received after the second week of Winterim.

Contact Information


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