You can earn your master’s degree in project management at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville by successfully completing 30 to 36 graduate credits. Tailor your education to match your career goals with a wide variety of elective courses. All courses listed are three credits unless otherwise stated. For each course taken, you must earn a minimum grade of C for that course to count toward degree completion.

Foundational Courses (0-9 credits)

ACCTING 7000: Managerial Accounting
BUSADMIN 5530: Organizational Behavior
BUSADMIN 5010: Business Communication
(Review the BUSADMIN 5010 Waiver by Portfolio option.)

Required Core Courses (15 credits)

PROJMGT 7010: Project Management Techniques I
PROJMGT 7020: Project Management Techniques II
PROJMGT 7040: Interpersonal Skills for Virtual and Co-located Project Teams
PROJMGT 7080: Project Scope Management
PROJMGT 7840: Capstone

Optional Areas of Emphasis

An optional area of emphasis may be earned by completing the courses from your chosen area below.

Managing Engineering Projects

ENGRG 7800: Engineering Management
ENGRG 7820: Quality Engineering and Management
ENGRG 7860: Continuous Improvement with Lean Principles

Human Capital Administration

BUSADMIN 5030: Human Resource Management, professional experience in the HR function in the last five years, OR one of the PHR credentials from HRCI.

Choose three of the following courses:

BUSADMIN 5340: Management, Gender and Race
BUSADMIN 5500: Employee Training and Development
BUSADMIN 6200: Employee Recruitment and Selection
BUSADMIN 6330: Labor-Management Relations OR OCL 7380: Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
OCL 7700: Strategic Human Resources

Integrated Supply Chain Management

BUSADMIN 6100: Supply Chain Management, an undergraduate supply chain management course less than seven years old, OR one of the following credentials: CPSM, CPSD, CPM, CPIM, or CSCP
ISCM 7100: International Supply Chain Management

Choose one of the following courses (two if BUSADMIN 6100 is waived):

BUSADMIN 6160: Purchasing Management
INDUSTDY 6950: Production Planning and Control
ISCM 7500: Supply Chain Logistics
ISCM 7700: Customer Relationship Management

Elective Courses (12-15 credits)

Cutting-edge curriculum assures that the knowledge you gain is relevant to today's project management needs.

BUSADMIN 5030: Human Resource Management
BUSADMIN 5100: Compensation Management
BUSADMIN 5340 Management, Gender and Race
BUSADMIN 5500 Employee Training and Development
BUSADMIN 5540: Quality Management
BUSADMIN 5620: Corporate Finance
BUSADMIN 5650: International Finance
BUSADMIN 5740: Consumer Behavior
BUSADMIN 6100: Supply Chain Management
BUSADMIN 6200: Employee Recruitment and Selection
BUSADMIN 6330: Labor-Management Relations
BUSADMIN 6630: Marketing Management
BUSADMIN 7540: Advanced Quality Management
ENGRG 6050: Applied Statistics
ENGRG 7810: Advanced Production and Operations Analysis
ENGRG 7830: Advanced Cost and Value Analysis
ENGRG 7850: Taguchi Method of Designing Experiments
INDUSTDY 7000: Research Methodology
ISCM 7100: International Supply Chain Management
MEDIA 5800: Meeting and Event Management
MEDIA 7330: Organizational Communication
OCL 7310: Business Analytics
OCL 7330: Organizational Change Leadership: Theory and Practice
PHLSPHY 7530: Business Ethics
PROJMGT 7030: Project Risk Management
PROJMGT 7050: Project Procurement Management
PROJMGT 7060: Advanced Tools and Techniques for Project Management
PROJMGT 7070: Program Management
PROJMGT 7090: Agile Methods in Project Management
PROJMGT 7120: Project Portfolio Management
PROJMGT 7940: Special Topics in Project Management*
PROJMGT 7980: Independent Study in Project Management*
PROJMGT 7990: Thesis Research*

*Contact your advisor for prior approval and registration instructions.

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