Competency Requirements (12-15 credits)

Courses marked with an asterisk* are not currently available through UW-Platteville's Office of Professional Program Support. View other course offerings.

First Year Experience (1 credit)

UWPSTUDY 1010: Introduction to College Life (1 credit)

English Composition (6 credits)

ENGLISH 1040: Studio College Writing I (4 credits) or
ENGLISH 1130: College Writing I* and
ENGLISH 1230: College Writing II

Speech (2 credits)

SPEECH 1010: Oral Communication for Professionals (2 credits)

Mathematics (3 credits)

At least one math course at MATH 1620 or above is required.
MATH 1730: Math of Finance
MATH 1830: Elementary Statistics

Wellness (1 credit)

HHP 1000: Fitness Assessment and Management (1 credit)

Physical Education (1 credit)

HHP 1120 Aerobic Weight Training (1 credit)
HHP 1280: Personal Conditioning (1 credit)
HHP 1300: Personal Fitness (1 credit)

Liberal Arts Requirements (26 credits)

Fine Arts (3 credits)

ART 2430: Art Survey
MUSIC 1590: Music Appreciation

Humanities (3 credits)

ENGLISH 1330: Intro to Literature
PHLSPHY 2550: Business Ethics
WOMGENDR 1130: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (also satisfies gender requirement)

History (3 credits)

HISTORY 2020: World Civilization II (also satisfies international education)
HISTORY 2430: History of the US Since 1877

Social Science (6 credits)

Choose two of the following courses to complete your social science requirements (must be from two disciplines).
CRIMLJUS 1130: Introduction to Criminal Justice
ECONOMIC 2130: Principles of Macroeconomics
ECONOMIC 2230: Principles of Microeconomics
PSYCHLGY 1130: General Psychology
PSYCHLGY 2030: Positive Psychology
PSYCHLGY 2080: Psychology of Women & Gender (also satisfies gender)
PSYCHLGY 2730: Life Span Developmental Psychology
SOCIOLGY 1030: Introduction to Sociology

Supplementary Credits (3 credits)

Additional credits in mathematics, social science, or natural science are required for bachelor's degree.

Natural Science (8 credits)

BIOLOGY 1150: Concepts of Biology (5 credits)
BIOLOGY 2340: Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (4 credits)
GEOGRPHY 1040: Planet Earth (4 credits)

International Education/Ethnic/Gender Studies (6-9 credits)

International Education (3 credits)

BUSADMIN 1300: Global Business
HISTORY 2020: World Civilization II (also satisfies history requirement)

Ethnic and Gender Studies (3-6 credits)

At least three credits in ethnic studies and three credits in gender studies must be taken, or one 3-credit course that satisfies both requirements.
BUSADMIN 3340: Management, Gender, and Race (satisfies the ethnic and gender requirement)
ETHNSTDY 1030: Race, Gender, and Class (satisfies the ethnic and gender requirement)
WOMGENDR 1130: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (satisfies the gender and humanities requirement)
PSYCHLGY 2080: Psychology of Women & Gender (satisfies the gender and a social science requirement)