You can earn your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville by successfully completing a minimum of 120 credits. All courses listed are three credits unless otherwise stated.

Requirements listed below are from the current year catalog. Your requirements are subject to the catalog that was in effect at the time you were admitted.

Your academic advisor can help guide you in determining which courses from UW-Platteville and other institutions will meet your general education requirements.

General education requirements (45-49+ credits) can be completed by:

  • Taking approved on-campus or online courses from UW-Platteville or other institutions
  • Transferring approved credits from other institutions

Please view general education requirements to find a listing of the general education requirements for a bachelor degree.

Major Requirements (36+ credits)

Criminal justice majors will need to earn a C- or better in all courses.

Required Courses (15 credits)

Courses marked with an asterisk* are not currently available through UW-Platteville's Office of Professional Program Support. View all undergraduate course offerings.

CRIMLJUS 1130: Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRIMLJUS 2130: Foundations of Policing
CRIMLJUS 2230: Foundations of Corrections
CRIMLJUS 4030: Criminal Law
CRIMLJUS 4930: Criminal Justice Seminar

Theory Requirement (3 credits)

Select one of the following courses:

CRIMLJUS 3430: Criminology
SOCIOLGY 3330: Crime and Delinquency*

Research Methods Requirement (3 credits)

Select one of the following options to complete the research methods requirement for the major:

CRIMLJUS 3900: Research Methods in Criminal Justice
SOCIOLGY 3440: Social Research*

Electives (15 credits)

CRIMLJUS 2630: Private Security Operations
CRIMLJUS 2850: White Collar Crime
CRIMLJUS 3040: Police Ethics
CRIMLJUS 3130: Criminal Investigation
CRIMLJUS 3330: Police Administration
CRIMLJUS 3630: Juvenile Justice
CRIMLJUS 3730: Women, Gender, and Justice
CRIMLJUS 4130: Police-Community Relations
CRIMLJUS 4230: Community-Based Corrections
CRIMLJUS 4330: Criminal Procedures and Evidence
CRIMLJUS 4500: Directed Individual Studies
CRIMLJUS 4630: Current Topics in Criminal Justice
CRIMLJUS 4880: Internship in Criminal Justice
FORENSIC 1320: Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation

Optional Business Administration Minor (24 credits)

At least 12 of the credits required for the business minor must be from UW-Platteville.

Required Courses (12 credits)

ACCTING 2010: Financial Accounting
BUSADMIN 1300: Global Business
BUSADMIN 2330: Leadership & Management
BUSADMIN 2630: Introduction to Marketing

Elective Courses (12 credits)

BUSADMIN 1210: Introduction to ERP
BUSADMIN 1810: Microsoft Excel for Business
BUSADMIN 2010: Business Communication
BUSADMIN 2100: Supply Chain Management
BUSADMIN 2340: Business Analytics
BUSADMIN 3030: Human Resource Management
BUSADMIN 3100: Compensation Management
BUSADMIN 3110: Strategic Promotions Management
BUSADMIN 3120: Retailing
BUSADMIN 3130: Legal Environment of Business
BUSADMIN 3240: E-Commerce and E-Marketing in Today's World
BUSADMIN 3340: Management, Gender, and Race
BUSADMIN 3400: Personal Financial Planning
BUSADMIN 3500: Employee Training and Development
BUSADMIN 3530: Organizational Behavior
BUSADMIN 3540: Quality Management
BUSADMIN 3550: Team Dynamics
BUSADMIN 3620: Corporate Finance
BUSADMIN 3640: Financial Markets and Institutions
BUSADMIN 3650: International Finance
BUSADMIN 3700: Marketing Research
BUSADMIN 3710: Bank Management
BUSADMIN 3720: International Marketing
BUSADMIN 3740: Consumer Behavior
BUSADMIN 3860: Intermediate Financial Management
BUSADMIN 3930: Investments
BUSDAMIN 4030: Financial Decision Making
BUSADMIN 4120: Operations Management
BUSADMIN 4140: International Management
BUSADMIN 4160: Purchasing Management
BUSADMIN 4170: Predictive Analysis
BUSADMIN 4200: Employee Recruitment and Selection
BUSADMIN 4330: Labor-Management Relations
BUSADMIN 4630: Marketing Management
BUSADMIN 4840: Strategic Management

*Requirements may be subject to change without notice.

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