You can earn your master’s degree in applied biotechnology at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville by successfully completing 31 graduate credits. All courses listed are three credits unless otherwise stated.

Required Core Courses (18 credits)

ABT 7000: Principles of Biotechnology
ABT 7050: Ethics, Safety, and Regulatory Environments in Biotechnology
ABT 7100: Professional and Technical Communication in Biotechnology
ABT 7150: Techniques in Biotechnology
ABT 7200: Experimental Design and Analysis in Biotechnology
ABT 7250: Leadership in Organizations

Specialized Tracks (9 credits)

Students must complete nine credits in a specialized track of their preference.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

ABT 7350: Quality Control and Validation
ABT 7400: Regulatory Practice and Compliance
ABT 7450: Industrial Applications in Regulatory Affairs

Business Management

ABT 7500: Biotechnology Marketing and Entrepreneurship
ABT 7550: Global Operations and Supply Chain Management
ABT 7600: Quality and Project Management

Research and Development

ABT 7650: Assessing Innovation in Biotechnology
ABT 7700: Product Development
ABT 7750: Tools for Data Analysis

Advanced Requirements (4 credits)

ABT 7890: Pre-Capstone (1 credit)
ABT 7900: Capstone (Completion of all coursework or consent of advisor/instructor required prior to enrollment)

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