Potential music majors and minors are invited to audition live on the UW-Platteville campus for music scholarships. Please fill out and submit the scholarship application (with 1-2 letters of recommendation) and see your individual instrument/voice below for instructions on what to perform. Our faculty would be thrilled to meet you and provide a lesson while you are here – please feel free to reach out.

Any questions may be directed toward Dr. Daniel Rowland, Scholarship Committee Chair, at rowlandd@uwplatt.edu.

Students unable to appear for an audition and residing more than 100 miles from Platteville may submit an unedited, high-quality video recording. Fill out the scholarship application online and email a link directly to Dr. Rowland.

Scholarship Application

Audition dates

Auditions will take place on:

Please submit your application at least one week before the audition date for scheduling purposes. If you need an accompanist, please submit your application at least two weeks before your chosen date.

Voice auditions must use live piano accompaniment. You may bring your own collaborator or we will provide one for $40 – please bring cash or check when auditioning.

Brass and woodwind auditions are preferred with live piano accompaniment, but it is not required. You may bring your own collaborator or we will provide one for $40 – please bring cash or check when auditioning.

If you use a provided collaborator, we will schedule you one thirty-minute rehearsal in addition to your audition.


Perform two contrasting songs – one classical song in a foreign language and one song in English.  The song in English may be Classical or Musical Theatre.  Both songs need to be memorized. 

Brass & Woodwind

Perform two contrasting works or movements, at least one of which should be or be from a solo – i.e. a technical solo movement and a lyrical etude, two contrasting solo movements, or one solo with large contrasting sections


Two solo works of contrasting style which best demonstrate the student's technical and musical ability (e.g., Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th century to present).

One piece must be memorized.


Students should be prepared to perform a solo audition consisting of at least two (2) prepared pieces as outlined below.

Though it is understood that each student will have areas of personal strength, it is very important to the percussion faculty that students demonstrate abilities on a diverse repertoire and instruments.

All equipment required for the percussion auditions will be provided; however, students who prefer to bring personal instruments are welcome to do so (i.e. snare drum). Students are expected to bring any sticks or mallets needed for the audition.

Required Audition Areas (must do both):

  1. Keyboard Percussion - A solo or solos on marimba, vibraphone, or xylophone. The solo(s) may be for two or four mallets (however, a four-mallet solo is strongly encouraged).
  2. Snare Drum - Repertoire chosen should demonstrate concert and rudimental style.

Other suggested audition areas:

  1. Timpani - A solo for two, three, or four drums. Excerpts from the standard orchestral repertoire would also be acceptable.
  2. Multiple Percussion - A solo on any combination of percussion instruments.
  3. Drum Set - A prepared solo and/or improvisation in a variety of styles.
  4. World Percussion Instruments - A prepared solo and/or improvisation in an area of your choice.