What you'll learn studying Performing and Visual Arts at UW-Platteville 

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Department of Performing and Visual Arts offers degrees in visual art, music, and theatre. Your performing arts education will expose you to the process behind producing creative works. As a student of the arts, you’ll also experience various styles, historical circumstances, and a multitude of social and cultural resources that encompass each one.

Areas of study 

The Visual Arts program at UW-Platteville offers six different degree majors, including a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Bachelor of Arts, and a Bachelor of Science. The performing and visual arts department curriculum emphasizes visual art creation, theory, criticism, education, and history.

The Music program provides three-degree areas–performance, music education, and pre-professional music therapy, and general courses for all students. The program also provides opportunities for all students on the UW-Platteville campus to participate in musical performances. 

The Theatre program offers a major as well as minors in theatre and musical theatre. Beyond the core performing and visual arts coursework, the program also provides opportunities for all students on the UW-Platteville campus to participate in theatrical productions.

Careers in Performing and Visual Arts 

Earning a visual arts degree or majoring in music or theatre teaches students much more than how to create art, perform, and produce musical or theatrical productions. While pursuing their passion for the arts, students gain valuable skills such as collaboration, time management, and organization; learn how to articulate thoughts and communicate more effectively; accept and learn from constructive criticism; and adapt to evolving situations and creatively solve problems. These skills serve graduates well in their careers, regardless of whether that path is directly related to performing or visual arts. 

For graduates who choose to work in the visual arts, music, or theatre fields, some of the potential career opportunities include:

  • Accompanist
  • Acting coach
  • Animator
  • Art conservator
  • Art director
  • Art historian
  • Art teacher
  • Art therapist
  • Artist
  • Arts administrator
  • Choral director
  • Church musician
  • Community arts worker
  • Conductor
  • Creative director
  • Drama teacher
  • Graphic designer
  • Illustrator
  • Museum manager
  • Music director
  • Music teacher 
  • Music therapist
  • Musical instrument repair technician
  • Musician
  • Printmaker
  • Private music teacher
  • Set designer
  • Special effects technician
  • Stage manager
  • Studio manager
  • Theatre manager
  • Visual effects artist
  • Voice coach
  • Voiceover actor

Many of these roles are independent artists and performers, but others work in education, tourism, or in various business settings. Working as an actor, musician, or artist can come with some uncertainty, as success can be elusive. Often, however, people who choose these paths thrive on the challenge that comes with the territory and take joy and pride in sharing their talents with the world.

Discover by doing

Whether you choose to pursue a bachelor of visual arts or a minor, your UW-Platteville education will involve learning both inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to opportunities to participate in musical and theatrical performances, you can also put your skills into practice by conducting research, doing internships, and participating in exciting university events.

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