• Administrative Assessment Fee - A student who has not paid at least 34% of the total initial bill by the first due date of the Fall and Spring semester will be assessed a $50.00 Administrative Assessment Fee.
  • A $25.00 Administrative Assessment Fee will be charged if 100% of the Winterim charges are not paid by the first due date for Winterim classes or 100% of summer charges are not paid by the first due date of the summer session.
  • Differential Tuition Fee - Differential tuition is a student-initiated fee assessed to all undergraduates beginning fall 2008. The fee covers: 1) improvements in student support to improve retention; 2) increased mental health, student safety, and security support; 3) increased service in career services; and 4) support for senior capstone projects.
  • English/Math Placement Test Fee - All new freshmen are charged $30.00 for the Wisconsin English and Math Placement Test no matter where the test was taken or if a fee was paid at the time of testing. Waived for students admitted in Summer 2022, Fall 2022, and Spring 2023.
  • Senior Fee - The fee covers assessments of academic records including degree audits which occur during the senior year. All seniors must pay this one-time fee regardless of whether or not a degree is completed.
  • New Student Experience Fee - The New Student Experience Fee is a flat fee required for all new freshman students. The fee covers the cost of materials, student staff, on campus orientation, and Welcome Weekend activities.
  • Segregated Fees (A) - Segregated Fees are set by the UW System Board of Regents. These charges are assessed to all students for services that support the primary mission of the university.  These mandatory fees are on a per-credit basis with charges capped at 12 credits. These services include Health Care, Student Center, Athletics, Intramural Sports, Parking, Student Activities, Municipal Services, Children’s Center, and ID Systems. 
  • Segregated Fees (B) - This service includes Textbook Rental. The Segregated Fees are divided into Part A and B on the bill to assist in the internal distribution of the monies collected.
  • Online Fee – Started in Fall 2021, a $50.00 per credit fee assessed to all students (except Distance students) for taking a class taught in an online format.



Please see the full tuition breakdown for your campus below.

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