A smart grid is an electric power system based on the digital technology to supply electricity to consumers.

This system allows for advanced monitoring, communication, analysis and control within the supply chain to improve energy efficiency, facilitate the penetration of renewable resources, and achieve more reliable and economic electricity network.

Electrical and Computer Engineering professor Dr. Fang Yang here at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville has been exploring cutting-edge technologies to make the electric power grid work smarter. As a result of many years' dedicated effort, Dr. Yang has published her research outcomes in terms of multiple patents/patent applications, book chapters, and technical papers on the prestige journals and conferences. Her team of undergraduate researchers have been working to help her create software simulation and hardware prototype to verify and demonstrate the innovative smart grid enabling technology.

Description of Research

Dr. Yang’s research in smart grid technology focuses on solving practical power industry challenges. Equipped with both academia and industrial research experience, Dr. Yang has been working on exciting topics including:

  • Bulk power system reliability assessment
  • Performance improvement for power system applications using GPU technologies
  • Distribution system voltage-var control and optimization
  • Distribution state estimation
  • Distribution system outage management
  • Meter data integration
  • Microgrid
  • Governing million meters data
  • And more.

To work on on Dr. Yang’s research projects, students will need a basic understanding of electrical power systems and renewable resource technologies, but they’ll gain much more. Students will apply the knowledge they learn to tackle real world problems. It's clear that Dr. Yang's students will benefit from the power of Pioneer research.

Academic Areas of Focus

Power Systems and Renewable Resources
Projects are related to electric power system and the integration of renewable resources.

Control and Optimization Technology
Projects aims to advance electric power grid operation, it is related to control and especially optimization technology.

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data
Projects need to handle large amount of power grid operation data and distributed devices, it involves the areas of AI, IoT, and Big Data.

Application and Career Opportunities

There are abundant career opportunities for students with experience in smart grid technology including electric power utilities and power manufacturers.

Join our Research Group

We are always looking for highly motivated students. If you are interested in a more in-depth research experience such as independent study credit, please contact Dr. Fang Yang if you are majoring in electrical engineering.

We welcome all engineering majors who think that smart grid technology is the right area for them.

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