College of EMS Alumni Chapter

There are many ways to stay involved with the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science. Alumni are strongly encouraged to consider attending a meeting of the EMS Advisory Board to help us set goals and plan for the future of the college. The College of EMS also hosts several outreach events during the year, including our annual EMS Expo, which are always in need of volunteers.


The objectives of the alumni chapter include the following:

  • Cultivate friendships and foster mutual aid among its members.
  • Advance the interests and standards of the engineering, mathematics, and science departments of the College of EMS of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.
  • Promote a mutually beneficial relationship between the University and it's engineering, mathematics, and science alumni.
  • Receive, invest and use gifts, contributions, devises, and bequests of the money and/or real and personal property for the benefit of the engineering, mathematics, and science departments of the College of EMS of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Current Initiatives

The alumni chapter's current initiatives include the following:

  • Increase supporting member revenue.
  • Support the Geode publication by providing content and monetary support.
  • Improve documentation and organizational structure of the Alumni Board.
  • Review the Constitution and By-laws.
  • Increase the number of award nominations.

Get Involved

There are many ways that you can become involved as an alumni including becoming a supporting member, volunteer for events, or by joining the UW-Platteville Alumni Association.

The College of EMS Alumni Chapter sponsors awards each year for both outstanding alumni and emeriti EMS faculty. Honorees and their nominators are invited to attend the annual Homecoming Awards Ceremony for the award presentation.

College of EMS Chapter Outstanding Alumni Awards

The mission of these awards is to recognize alumni of the UW-Platteville College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science who have demonstrated excellence in professional and humanitarian endeavors. Outstanding alumni come from many backgrounds and represent a variety of attributes; therefore, success is recognized in areas including, but not exclusive to, career achievement, patents, leadership, community service, UW-Platteville involvement, diversity initiatives, education, research, and entrepreneurial spirit.

To make a nomination, use the online nomination form or use the PDF nomination form

University Alumni Association Awards

The University Alumni Association Awards include the following:

To make a nomination for the University Distinguished Alumni award, use the online nomination form.

To make a nomination for the University Outstanding Alumni award, use the online nomination form.

To make a nomination for the University Hall of Fame award use the online nomination form

Keena Spencer Dobson
Civil Engineering, '11
Affiliation: Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Alex Zwart
First Vice President
Civil Engineering, '11
Affiliation: Strand Associates, Inc.

Tom Stetzer, PE
Second Vice President
Civil Engineering, '05
Affiliation: Strand Associates, Inc.

Jessica P. M. Fick, PhD
Mechanical Engineering, '03
Affiliation: UW-Platteville

Don Eichman
Mechanical Engineering, '06
Affiliation: Turch, Inc

Brad Samz
Mechanical Engineering, '06
Affiliation: Kimberly-Clark, Corporation

Scott Whitsett
Civil Engineering, '05
Affiliation: Jewell Associations Engineers, Inc

Alec Roschen
Civil Engineering, '17
Affiliation: Mi-T-M Corporation

Mark Meyers, PhD
Civil Engineering, '81
Affiliation: UW-Platteville

Tom Wisniowski
Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, '06
Affiliation: Motive Robotics

Molly Gribb, PhD, PE
Dean of the College of EMS
Affiliation: UW-Platteville

James Hamilton, PhD
Faculty Liaison
Chemistry and Engineering Physics
Affiliation: UW-Platteville

James Swenson, PhD
Faculty Liaison
Mathematics and Spanish
Affiliation: UW-Platteville

Stacia Stephenson
Development and Alumni Engagement Liaison
Affiliation: UW-Platteville

Finance Committee

Chair: Treasurer
Members: President, Past President, Faculty Liaison, Director of Alumni Services

Issues and responsibilities include:

  • Prepare and present the annual budget and report.
  • Maintain connections with supporting members program committee.
  • Provide definitions and understanding of budget report.

Geode Committee

Issues and responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate with the Engineering Management class meet with the group regularly and provide direction and answer questions.
  • Support and participate in the distribution of the publication.
  • Facilitates connections with the Dean's office, College Council, Publications office, and other offices on campus as needed.
  • Monitor and manage the budget.
  • Disburse expenses and awards.

Honors and Awards Committee

Issues and responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate recognition of emeriti faculty and college Deans.
  • Provide nominations to the UW-Platteville Parent Chapter Outstanding Recent Alumnus and Distinguished Alumnus awards.
  • Coordinate Chapter awards.

Membership and Supporting Member Committee

Issues and responsibilities include:

  • Oversee recruitment, retention, and recognition of supporting members.
  • Define supporting member benefits.
  • Develop and revise supporting member brochure.
  • Provide annual report to supporting members.
  • Plan for fund utilization.
  • Provide a plan for student and faculty support.
  • Develop a strategy for increasing the number of members in the Chapter.
  • Connect with and inform current board about the UW-Platteville Parent Chapter membership initiatives.
  • Write a membership article for the Geode.
  • Develop and implement marketing strategy for increased membership.
  • Define and provide students and faculty support.

Nomination Committee

Chair: Secretary
Members: President, Executive Member (if needed)

Issues and responsibilities include:

  • Maintain a list of potential board members with assistance from the alumni office and College of EMS Dean's Office.
  • Contact prospective board members with the assistance of the alumni office.

Special Events Committee

Chair: Faculty Liaison
Members: Faculty Liaison, Student Liaison, Vector Advisor, one or more student members (possibly a junior or senior close to graduating)

Issues and responsibilities include:

  • Organize, coordinate, and market activities for VECTOR and Homecoming events.
  • Organize, coordinate, and market other special events as they develop.