Alumni Association

The Alumni Association, an independent not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, is made up of nearly 3,400 members and overseen by a volunteer board of directors comprised of UW-Platteville alumni.

Our mission is to provide a bond between the university and its alumni by sustaining, maintaining, renewing, and creating friendships and relationships.

Aaron Athas
Graduation year: 2010
Major: Music Education

Bob Berglin
Graduation year: 2002
Major: Business Administration

Betsy Bitter
Graduation year: 2016
Major: Communication Technology

Andrew Brunner
Graduation year: 2010
Major: Communications Tech

Terry Busch
Graduation year: 1994
Major: Business Administration

Jen Davie
BILSA Liaison
Graduation year: 2006
Major: Business Administration

Nick Drott
Graduation year: 2019
Major: Criminal Justice

Natasha Gantenbein
Graduation year: 2016
Major: Business Administration

Tony Hanfelda
Graduation year: 1998
Major: Biology

Astrid Lavell
Graduation year: 2017
Major: Industrial Engineering

Stan Leedle
Graduation year: 1978
Major: Ag Business

Brad Mootz
Graduation year: 2001
Major: Civil Engineering and Business Administration

Sherri Pirie Harmon
Distance Learning liaison
Graduation years: 1981 and 1985
Major: Criminal Justice and Business Administration

Deb Rice
LAE Liaison
Graduation year: 1975 and 2004
Major: Criminal Justice and MS Criminal Justice

Thomas Shoaf
Graduation year: 2009
Major: Industrial Technology Management

Alexa Sieling
Graduation year: 2016
Major: Industrial Engineering

Daniel Smith
Graduation year: 2012
Major: Soil and Crops and Ag Business

David Smutzler
Graduation year: 1991
Major: Criminal Justice

Rachael Staab
Graduation Year: 2006
Major: Chemistry and German

Keena Spence-Dobson
EMS Liaison
Graduation year: 2011 and 2019
Major: Civil Engineering and MS Project Management

Heather Squire
Graduation year: 2015
Major: Business Administration

Tristan Tolle
Vice President
Graduation year: 2005
Major: Music

Dan Wargolet
Graduation year: 2000
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Samatha Way
Graduation year: 2016
Major: Media Studies

Everett Werth
Graduation year: 1963
Major: Ag Eduction

Shilo Wilkinson
Graduation year: 2016
Major: Project Management