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A "non-degree seeking student" can be many different people and situations. You fall into this group if you are a working professional seeking a certificate to get a leg up in your field; a high school student who wants to get ahead by taking a college-level course; or anyone who wants to benefit from the unique courses we offer at UW-Platteville but does not intend to pursue a full degree.

Special Students

Students who have already graduated from high school and wish to further their education but are not immediately seeking a degree from UW-Platteville are considered special students.

  • To apply as a special non-degree student for the fall, spring, or summer term, complete the UW System Online Admission Application.

    To apply as a special non-degree student for the winterim session, complete the special student application located in the Office of the Registrar.

    Although transcripts are not required, prospective students are required to have graduated from a recognized high school or its equivalent. Special students may not register for more than 12 credits per semester unless authorized by the Office of the Registrar or the provost. Students in this category are ineligible for financial aid.

    Students who, after having been a special student, wish to seek a degree must complete the admission process for degree-seeking students and matriculate before they have earned 30 semester credits as a special student.

  • To take graduate-level courses as a non-degree student, you must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. To apply, complete the UW System application.

College Credit for High School Students

High school students are eligible to take courses to earn college credit through the Early College Credit Program (ECCP) or as a High School Special (HSS) student.

Learn more about the Early College Credit Program and High School Special student.

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